Gold Interior Design Alternatives

Gold Alternatives

Gold has always been a mineral of wealth. It’s a lavish metal that has historically adorned palaces and the houses of the elite. However, as all historic trends do, it has risen and fallen in popularity as decades come and go.

The problem with gold

Now, gold occupies a complicated position in the interior design world. The warming metal is beautiful if used correctly – but is garish if overdone. It’s also a very expensive metal, so people often default to cheaper alternatives that compromise on overall quality. When dealing with accessories, quality is everything if you want the design to withstand the test of time.

At Wandsworth Electrical, we can produce gold finishes as part of our hallmark collection, but we also produce a range of high quality metallic finishes that act as an alternative to gold. These are made with quality materials and pristine craftsmanship and provide enduring performance when interacted with again and again in your home.

Instead of gold, try the following metals to evoke the same effect as the world’s priciest metal:

Brass – Shine and Lustre

For those seeking the shine and style of gold, brass is a great alternative that offers long-lasting durability as opposed to the ‘softer’ nature of gold-plated products. A solid brass light switch plate is, for example, far cheaper than a solid gold one – but evokes a warm metallic style. Polished brass in particular provides the shine gold is renowned for and also looks fantastic in heritage homes when chosen with our Victorian, Adam or Georgian collections.

Lacquered satin brass is a finely brushed yet lustrous finish that looks perfect in homes where the brightness of gold is favoured but you want to avoid the smudging associated with polished finishes.

To make the most of brass, use it as a ‘highlight’ colour for your electrical accessories and choice pieces of furniture rather than it being used throughout the room. It’s a bright shade, so helps increase the perceived warmth of a space and helps increase the sense of size.

Bronze – Distinguished Style

While most bronze finishes are far darker than gold, it makes for a great alternative. Bronze is an ancient, prized material that looks absolutely beautiful in a range of interior designs. Contrasted against organic woods, it’s a tone – but can also be used in a darker antique bronze style to evoke the sense of prestige and stately heritage that gold is often used for.

Bronze provides the heavy, distinguished style that a precious metal like gold evokes but offers a darker alternative that suits more contemporary styles and industrial materials.

Satin Nickel – For White Gold Effect

White gold is a beautiful finish, but again is expensive and ‘soft’ as a metal. Instead, our satin nickel finish provides a similar aesthetic with a brushed finish that resists smudging and scratching.

A bespoke golden finish

If you’re interested in gold but want to explore alternatives, contact Wandsworth today. We can also offer a quality bespoke finish to help capture the gold, platinum or even rose gold look you’re aiming for without compromising on quality. Get in touch to find out more.

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