Burnished Brass

Sophisticated, stylish, distinct


Brass is a sophisticated material, seeped in the history of Roman design and Victorian Parlour Rooms. This material conjures sophistication and distinction into a room’s design; the ideal choice for heritage homes or those properties looking to evoke a sense of grandeur.

Our Burnished Brass sockets and switches is a beautiful, lightly-aged brass, adding a touch of timelessness and sophistication to any property.



Equally important to us as the breath-taking look of our products is the way they feel in-hand. The brushed feel of our burnished brass switches and sockets is the finishing touch to the precision crafting and quality materials of our product. Your switches and sockets are items you will use daily and form an integral part of your interior design, so it is essential that they continue to impress with their premium feel every time you use them. We have created this finish to be smudge resistant and durable, ensuring it will last throughout years of usage.



Call us today to discuss your Burnished Brass order; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help you with your order and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. This finish can also be ordered online through our online shop.


For a brighter and less understated alternative to our Burnished Brass finish, take a look at our Antique Brass range of sockets and light switches.

How it’s created

Beautiful design

We have spent years building a team of designers and artists here at Wandsworth with the talent and design vision to create products which are luxurious and truly unique. In order to create our Burnished Brass finish, our team investigated the unique properties and extensive design history of the material. Once we understood the essence of brass, we began work on a design which pays homage to the material’s past whilst bringing it into a stunning new future.

Once dreamt up, we took the finest quality brass and crafted it into a stunning end product, using more than 100 years of expertise to refine the material and hand-age it here in the UK, creating the timeless burnished aesthetic treasured by our customers.

Brass is a great accent colour, typically at its best when used to highlight. We think this finish looks best in heritage properties, period homes and properties trying to create a sense of prestige; the rich colour of the brass blends beautifully with darker wood shades and traditional interior styles. Whether used on switches and dimmer plates or on plug sockets, this finish can help to create a consistently stunning room design in every corner.


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