Pearl Silver

Pearl Silver

A delicate finish that shines

Silver accents in modern home décor bring classic beauty and sophistication to modern and heritage properties. Discover the bright and beautiful allure of our Pearl Silver finish light switches and sockets. Perfect for transforming the look of contemporary and heritage interior schemes, this exceptionally distinctive finish illuminates each corner of the room with a stunning ethereal glow and cool, metallic hue.

Our divine Pearl Silver finish light switches and sockets look incredible when paired with subtle modern home décor and a natural colour palette of light grey, beige and khaki; creating a stunning contrast.

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soft, pearlescent texture

This phenomenal pearlescent texture creates a look of regal elegance in contemporary and heritage interior styles. Our Pearl Silver finish accents are expertly crafted with the highest level of design excellence to bring scintillating shine and incredible functionality to elevate your home. Pearl Silver is an exceptional finish that features a sleek lustrous surface that’s built to last, so that your stunning switches and sockets will remain beautiful for years to come. This gleaming texture is achieved through a delicate sandblasting process, carried out by hand to create a finish that speaks of true luxury.

How to order

How its created

This finish is made to order to your specific requirements so call us on 01483 713400 or email to discuss your Pearl Silver finish light switches and sockets; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Email us today and discover how our Pearl Silver finish can transform the look of your home

For a delicate pearl finish in a warm, salmon-toned hue, take a look at our Pearl Copper finish, the perfect luxurious touch to heritage and contemporary homes.

The incredibly talented team of artists and designers at Wandsworth Electrical conceptualise their distinct design visions in an intensive research process to bring exceptional beauty to any interior scheme. We believe in selecting the finest materials to offer remarkable products that withstand the test of time.

Wandsworth Electrical have over 100 years of experience in producing light switches and sockets of the highest quality, took our silver plates and added a gentle grained effect by hand to create the most spectacular pearlescent finish.

Each of our beautiful lighting accessories is brought to life with our British manufacturing quality. Products are then subject to the strictest quality testing to ensure flawless craftsmanship is delivered every time. Our Pearl Silver electrical sockets and switches are built to last and bring poise and sophistication to contemporary and heritage homes.


Silver accessories are the perfect choice to illuminate a range of interior schemes for a stunning and impactful look. The light, lustrous sheen of our Pearl Silver electrical sockets and switches perfectly accentuate homes bringing a true sense of luxury. This finish is built to withstand smudges and marks thanks to its detailed, grained effect for exceptional style that lasts.

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