Polished Brass Sockets and Switches

Bright, Wonderous, sophisticated

Style that shines bright

While brass is a distinguished material beloved in heritage homes, it can sometimes look dull. Our Polished Brass sockets and switches present a lustrous, extravagant shine that truly stands out.

The finish has a highly polished look that is distinct from our competition. It is a beautiful style that stands ahead, complementing sophisticated interiors and elevating them to excellence.

How it’s created

Beautiful design

Our finishes are first created by a talented team of designers and artists who have unerring design vision. Polished brass is created by taking quality brass and then adding sheen right here in our British factory.

Polished Brass sockets and switches offer spectacular style, offering eye-catching shine that makes it ideal for use in electrical accessories. Complement your interior with this sophisticated style and watch heads turn.

Interested in our finishes?

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