Antique Copper

Poised, elegant, historic



From the doors of ornate Ancient Egyptian temples to the exquisite rooftops of European Palaces and Cathedrals, copper has a long-standing reputation for lending poise and grandeur to building design. This material has seen a resurgence in modern design, beloved for its unique properties and distinct soft metallic shade that suggests style and sophistication in a wide range of design scenarios.

Our Antique Copper finish has been created with millennia of copper design inspiration to draw upon; we have carefully considered the material and its heritage in creating a range of designer copper sockets and switches which evoke an undeniable majesty and add a sense of class to a room’s interior design.

We designed our antique copper plates for heritage properties which call for distinction and unique style. Conveying the elegance of traditional interior design styles, these can be used to great effect in heritage homes when installed against wooden panelling or lighter wallpaper designs. The solid copper plate of our sockets and light switches gives the range a true beauty and warmth unlike that of any other material.



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For an alternative to our Antique Copper finish, take a look at our Antique Brass range of sockets and switches; this finish offers the same appeal for traditional homes, taking inspiration from old parlour rooms to create a discreet yet sophisticated design.

How it’s created

Historic design ideas

Our finishes are crafted by our designers and artisans who take inspiration from the material’s history and design values to create truly unique end products. For our Antique Copper range, we have selected high-quality brass and finished it in a brilliant salmon-coloured copper sheen, perfecting the product with hand-finished processes. Developed and refined over the course of our century-long history in premium electrical accessory design, these processes make each plate truly unique. These plates are immediately distinguished from the dull electrical accessories we have come to expect in our homes, bringing remarkable design into every corner of your interior. Our UK manufacturing facilities utilise the best of British craftsmanship in creating copper sockets and switches which are stunning to behold.

Antique Copper looks fantastic in heritage properties built with traditional wooden floors and walls painted with lighter shades. The luxury of our copper switches and sockets complements the hue of darker wood shades in traditional design styles, whilst our antique copper finish brings warmth to the cooler and more restrained wallpaper tones commonly used in heritage homes.


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