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Our lighting control combines designer electrical accessories and smart lighting control systems

Wandsworth Lighting Controls has been developed specifically to meet the need of high-end residential developments and luxurious hotels, where the latest lighting control capabilities and automation are required but also elegance and front end design quality.

Combining Wandsworths 100 years of knowledge and excellence in handcrafting designer light switches with intelligent lighting control systems, the combination provides the largest range of finishes and design options and uniquely brings together beautiful electrical accessories and intelligent control

The lighting control choice

Why Wandsworth Controls

Discover the reason why Wandworth lighting controls are the choice for leading designers

Lighting Control Features

Intelligent Control System

Our Lighting Controls offers multiple intelligent features that are simple to set and adjust 

Beautiful Designer Lighting Control Panels

Beautiful Smart Light Control

Our lighting control system can be controlled by six of our premium electrical accessories 

Discover our light control app that enables lighting control with your phone

Touchscreen Control

Control and adjust your light settings with your phone with our light control app.