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Smart Lighting Control

Unparalleled Beauty Meets Unlimited Control


Wandsworth Electrical smart lighting control systems give you effortless mastery of your building’s lighting levels. 

From smooth dimming to stylish lighting scenes, we build intelligent solutions into premium switches and sockets – so there’s no compromise when it comes to adding smart lighting to your design vision. 

From homes to hotels to residential developments, we will work with you on your project, guiding you through each stage of the design process as we optimise your lighting control systems specifically for you. No matter what the size or scope of your project is, we’ll create intelligent lighting that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

For those who demand design excellence, why settle for standard lighting control? Discover the Wandsworth difference…


Uncompromising beauty

Our lighting control switches are a combination of designer light switches and intelligent controls, which means high quality, beautifully designed accessories that contain adaptive control intelligence.

Effortless convenience

Our lighting control systems are incredibly simple to use despite the near limitless range of control functionality available. From automated night lights that guide hotel guests to the bathroom through to master on/off functions, we can cater to every need. Want to control lights with phones? With our apps you can control lights with iphone integration or use Android to switch things up and turn them on!

Enhanced security

Protect against burglaries – our smart lighting controls offer a 7-day replay function which mimics everyday lighting use to dissuade criminals.

Efficient energy saving

Use daylight harvesting to optimise natural light, reducing your energy expenditure. Turn off lights quickly when leaving your home. With smart lighting, you’ll cut down on your energy bill and environmental impact.

Smart Touch

Control your lighting system from a rocker, toggle switch or bell push. This unique feature means you can incorporate smart lighting into an uncompromising design vision.

All On, All Off

Heading out for the day? Flick off all the lights in your home with a single switch. When returning home, press again to restore your previous lighting levels.

Prism Colour

Customise your button illumination on your scene plates to match your interior design. With over 16 million different shades of light possible – we can find a match for you.

Smart Control

Control the system from the palm of your hand with a mobile phone or smart device.

Scene Library

Dimmed evening relaxation or gentle morning lighting? Set, store and activate lighting scenes at will. Create lighting to evoke certain moods or scenes and then turn them on at will.

Daylight Harvesting

Optimise energy efficiency by prioritising natural light whenever the system detects daylight.

Home and Away

Protect your property from prying eyes by storing seven days of real-life lighting activity and then replaying it.

Open Ecosystem

Want to integrate our system with other home automation units? We can help you accomplish this.

Putting Control In Your Hands

Want to make your project truly unique? Combine any of our stunning finishes with different plate styles, then customise even further with a choice of dimmers and toggles. To really stand out, you need something nobody else has dreamed of. We can make that happen.


At Wandsworth Electrical, we are specialists in creating bespoke smart home solutions to match both simple and complex configuration requirements. Whether it is to dim your lights to match any mood, or creating a custom installation allowing you complete control of your home, see how we can help below.

Single Channel

Networked System

Create simple, elegant solutions without compromising on design.  Our smart dimming products are the ideal choice for those looking for simple lighting settings.

Control multiple lights from multiple locations. Our networked systems offer unparalleled flexibility to create a truly bespoke smart home solution.

Interested in Smart Controls?

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