What is the Difference Between Brass and Bronze?

Brass Vs. Bronze

Brass and bronze are two different metals, although they have similar hues and are often used in similar interior design schemes. But what is the difference between brass and bronze? This blog will explore their similarities, differences and how they can be utilised in stylish interior design schemes.

What are brass and bronze?

Brass and bronze are both metal alloys, which means they are a combination of two or more different metals. Brass is composed of copper and zinc, whereas bronze is made up of copper and tin, sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus or aluminium added in.

Brass is believed to have been used since around 500BC, mostly for decorative purposes. Bronze dates back even further to around 3500BC and has largely been used for sculpture. Today, both are used for a multitude of purposes including plumbing, ammunition, electrical connectors and bells.

Bronze and brass in interior design

As both have attractive qualities, both bronze and brass are used prominently in a lot of interior design styles. They both have warm, welcoming hues, making them the perfect addition to homes or hotels. However, they do differ, particularly in colour. Brass is lighter in colour, with more yellow and gold shades in it. Bronze has warmer, reddish hues than brass, giving it that traditional and welcoming feel.

How do I use bronze and brass in my home?

In recent years, bronze has become very popular in interior design. Although it is a traditional material, the recent popularity of copper and rose gold have put bronze at the forefront of interior design. Bronze brings warmth and depth to a room, so it is often used to warm up minimalist, neutral colour schemes. Typically, bronze is used as an accent material, being utilised in accessories like cookware, furniture and lighting.

Brass, on the other hand, is typically used as a more traditional and more affordable alternative to gold. It adds luxury and opulence to any room, perfect for a high end home or hotel. Brass is most often seen in kitchens and bathrooms, as it’s a popular finish for taps and shower fittings. It contrasts beautifully with deep blue tones – navy being very popular in interior design this year. Brass would also be a good match for the Pantone 2020 Colour of the Year, Classic Blue, as they are both bold, quite regal colours.

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