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Wandsworth Controls Downloads

Wandsworth Controls Downloads

Download the Wandsworth Controls Configuration Application

The Wandsworth Controls Configuration Application provides advanced configuration capability for all Wandsworth Controls lighting systems. This package includes the application itself, a help file and the latest firmware versions for all products. It is completely free to download and use.

Download the Wandsworth Controls Configuration Application

Package contents (6.4.6 released November 2023)

Item Version Description
Wandsworth Controls Configuration Application Wandsworth Controls Configuration Application for PC
MultiDim-DS 5.T Firmware for DS-Series and SOLO Dimmers
MultiDim-Mk3 4.S Firmware for Mk3 dimmers
MultiDim 2.T Firmware for all other dimmers
OLED 1.Z Firmware for OLED scene recallers
MultiSwitch-Mk3 4.J Firmware for mini-button plates
MultiSwitch 1.X Firmware for older plate types
MultiFunct 2.B Firmware for multi-function modules
PIR-Sensor 1.W Firmware for PIR modules
HomeAway 1.T Firmware for Home & Away recorder
ThermOLED 1.L Firmware for OLED Thermostat
BMS Display 1.L Firmware for OLED building management system display
NetBox 1.3.9 Firmware for SOLO NetBox
USB/RS-232 1.K Firmware for the USB and RS-232 interfaces
USB Serial Port Drivers 2.12.16 Windows driver for the Wandsworth Controls USB interface



If you are using the Wandsworth Controls USB interface you will also need to install the serial port drivers. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista and you have an internet connection, the drivers will be installed automatically when you plug the device in for the first time. However you may find it easier to allow the installer to pre-install the drivers for you. Just select the checkbox in the opening page of the installer, or use the start menu shortcut after installing the package.

NOTE: if you have an older RS-232 interface module and use your own RS-232 to USB adapter, you should use the drivers for your adapter cable instead. There is a known issue with older versions of the Prolific USB-Serial Bridge adapters which causes Windows to ‘Blue Screen’. Download and install the latest drivers from Prolific Technology Inc to fix this problem.

Open Source Licenses

The firmware includes software code developed by third parties and used under license.

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