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Smart lighting for homes

Combining Beauty with Intuitive, Unlimited Lighting Control


Step into your home. With the press of a beautiful backlit button that sits on a stunning plate, your evening mood lighting scene activates – providing soft illumination for you to unwind in. Retire to bed, guided there by low-level illumination you’ve already programmed. Leave for work the next day and press a single button to turn off all your lighting at once, cutting down on energy usage.


Meet the Wandsworth smart lighting home. Combining the unparalleled beauty of our collections with intuitive, unlimited lighting control systems for homes, you can enjoy a smarter, more stylish home where the lighting works around your life.


Enjoy convenience with a smart lighting home. Turn all of your lights off when leaving the house, restore them with a click. Select a mood with a scene button press, then relax and unwind. Dim for the evening with a beautiful toggle that sits on the wall of your heritage home. Simple, convenient controls for a stylish lifestyle.


Use Home and Away to monitor and collect your lighting behaviours across a week and then replay them, mimicking your day as if you’re at home. Fantastic for dissuading burglars from your home, but should the worst happen we can input panic modes to ensure you have ultimate control over lighting and visibility in your home.


Leaving lights on increases energy bills and is bad for the planet. Make your stylish home more sustainable with our smart lighting system and ensure all of your lights go out with the press of a button.


Ready to create a more intuitive home? We’ll work with you to match your design vision – creating premium scene plates and switches from our collections that give you unlimited control over your home’s lighting system.


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