Antique Bronze

Elegant, stately, distinguished


Our Antique Bronze finish is more than just an afterthought to our sockets and light switches – it’s a stunning, handcrafted finish which conveys the ageless elegance of the material. A beautiful, darker shade which stands out with distinction, this is the style for homes which demand sophistication and refinement in their design.

Bronze has been used by humans for more than 5,000 years; this is a material which has lasted throughout the millennia, and our antique bronze sockets and light switches utilise this history to convey a sense of stability and permanence in your home design. A steadfast classic in modern design history, this material has been a constant in the world of interior design for the reliability and luxury it entails. We have painstakingly captured the essence of bronze design in our series of stunning bronze switches and sockets, taking care with every detail of the design and manufacturing process to result in a product which speaks to the unique beauty of the material.



This finish is an ideal choice for heritage properties, where the darker, smudge-resistant material looks fantastic against wood panels or Victorian style wall coverings. Our Antique Bronze finish is the perfect material for traditional design styles, adding subtle accents which speak of refined taste. These bronze switches and light switches add elegance to the room without overpowering other design elements present, providing a more subtle alternative to the glamour of gold whilst retaining its own sense of stately grandeur.

The timeless quality of bronze means it can work tonally with a wide variety of heritage design styles, matching and complementing the characteristics of homes in styles from Victorian to Georgian. The rich tone of bronze lends it a warmth lacking from other metals, helping it to bring out the intricate tones of older British design styles.


For a bold alternative finish which works better with lighter shade walls on heritage buildings, take a look at our Antique Copper sockets and light switches.

How it’s created

Beautiful design

We believe in creating our products using an unerring design vision, drawing from design history and modern innovations to create truly unique designer light switches and sockets. Our talented team of designers and artists go through an intensive process of researching, refining and testing in order to create an end product which is considered, functional and, above all, beautiful. Once dreamt up, we source high-grade brass, bringing it through a bronzing process before hand-aging and darkening the bronze to evoke the true grandeur of the material.

Equally important to us as looks and function are the feeling of our products in-hand. The smooth and subtle brushed finish of our Antique Bronze range of switched sockets and light switches conveys the reliability and longevity of the material, a testament to our dedication to quality in our products.

Our Antique Bronze range of switches and sockets is named after its heritage style – perfectly crafted to capture the elegance and distinction of a bygone era. Suitable for period and heritage properties, or newer ones looking to add style, it’s a darker yet beautifully eye-catching finish.

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