Pearl Copper

Pearl Copper


The warm, opulent glow of copper has adorned the interiors of buildings dating back to the era of Ancient Egyptians, evoking a sense of prestige and luxury. In the modern day, copper is hailed for its red-brown metallic hue that is evocative of cosy autumnal fires and brings a homely energy that is believed to possess healing powers for the mind and body. Our Pearl copper finish offers something entirely unique with a glowing, pearlescent surface, perfect for elevating the look of heritage and contemporary homes.

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Our Pearl Copper finish has been crafted with the rich history of the material in mind, reimagined in a modern pearlescent finish to enrich both modern and heritage interior schemes. The vivid, brown-red hue of this finish instantly creates a warm ambience in the home, creating an inviting yet sophisticated aesthetic. The high-luster texture is achieved through delicate sandblasting, carried out by hand to create a unique and luxurious effect. Wandsworth Electrical recognise that how products feel in-hand is just as important as how they catch the eye. Our Pearl Copper sockets and switches offer a premium-feel that you’ll enjoy each time you use them.

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Our Pearl Copper finish is made to order for you, call or email us to discuss your Pearl Copper order; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Email us today at and discover how our Pearl Copper finish can transform the look of your home.

For an alternative look with stunning, mirror-like shine, take a look at our polished copper, masterfully designed to elevate period or contemporary homes with a lustrous, graceful look.

Wandsworth Electrical believe in creating matchless designs that last throughout the years of your life. Our exceptional team of designers and artists are dedicated to crafting unerring design visions that excel in both beauty and quality.  With over a century of experience in creating design excellence, our team handpicks the finest materials to deliver products that offer unrivaled quality and style.

Our Pearl Copper electric sockets and switches are brought to life utilising the best of British craftsmanship and are hand-finished with a sandblasting technique to achieve a bright and distinctly beautiful look. Our products are subject to a rigorous refinement and quality testing to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best in modern electrical accessories. This finish offers incredible beauty and endurance with a smudge and scratch resistant surface that will remain lastingly elegant.


The Pearl Copper finish captures a rich heritage of Ancient Egyptian design styles in a rich copper tone which is skillfully merged with electrical innovation to create a stunning addition to both modern and period style properties. This style looks exquisite in heritage properties with traditional wooden floors and walls painted in stunning pastel shades, uplifting rooms with a powerful warm glow. Alternatively, our Pearl Copper dimmer switch and electric sockets can be paired with modish prints and muted grey walls to create a bold, contemporary look that speaks of grandeur.

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