Stylish Light Switches

Whatever your style, show it with switches


Put style into the cornerstone of your design with stylish light switches from Wandsworth Electrical. Whatever your tastes, from ultramodern super mirror stainless to classic or heritage Victorian, our collections provide style and quality with a design history that stems back to 1904.

Light switches are often viewed as unimportant, but for a room’s design to be perfect, every element has to be carefully considered. Stylish light switches help to ensure that even the smallest details of a room deliver.

It’s always important to remember that a light switch is used many times a day in a room. So consider carefully your choice of switch, as the stylish light switch, a small and perfectly formed piece of design, is an element of design touched on a daily basis.


From major or boutique hotels, to luxury residencies or large scale residential projects, to one off houses, our collections of stylish light switches will help embellish any interior. The seven stylish light switch collections have been manufactured with extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail and provide an unmatched level of quality. Offering designers the widest selection of options and ensuring the light switch adds value to a room.

Each collection is available in the widest array of finishes in the industry, from Matt Black to Antique Bronze and through to Polished Brass. In addition, each collection has four switch options; rocker, toggle switches plus bell push and rotary dimmers.


Does our style not suit your tastes? We offer customisation throughout our bespoke design service, resulting in a truly unique design. Working with our design consultants to understand your requirements, we can design and manufacture a unique, one off solution.

If you require a custom finish, simply supply us with a sample and we can ensure that your new light switch is matched to the original sample. This is particularly useful in designs where designers wish to match door and window hardware with light switches.


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