Smoked Silver

Smoked Silver


Lighting accessories with a silver finish bring a touch of undisputed modern luxury to a range of interior schemes. Our captivating smoked silver finish offers a lightly mattified appeal to bring a subtle, sultry edge to both heritage and contemporary homes. This subtle cool-toned hue creates a look of effortless sophistication that will remain timeless and beautiful emitting a subtle glow that looks stunning in the home.


a lightly mattified texture

The sleek, lightly mattified texture of our Smoked Silver finish light switches and sockets evokes a sense of grandeur in the home that is reinforced by how luxurious the products feel in-hand. Wandsworth Electrical believes that lighting accessories should never be an afterthought, in terms of beauty or durability, so we’ve carefully crafted this unique, exceptional finish with longevity and quality in mind

How to order

How its created

This finish is made to order to your specific requirements so call us on 01483 713400 or email to discuss your Smoked Silver finish light switches or sockets; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Email us today and discover how our Smoked Silver finish can elevate the look of your home

For a finish that brings this unique sleek and smoked look in a warm brass hue, opt for our Smoked Brass Finish, the perfect style to transform both heritage and contemporary homes.

Our designs are imagined with exceptional quality and distinction in mind by our expert team of product designers. The Smoked Silver finish is a testament to our British manufactured, hand-finished design excellence and 100 years of expertise in the creation of exceptional lighting accessories.

Wandsworth Electrical products undergo a thorough process of refinement and quality testing to ensure that each piece delivered is nothing less than extraordinary. Our smoked silver finish light switches and sockets guarantee  lasting durability with a smudge and scratch resistant surface that offers enduring beauty.


Our alluring Smoked Silver finish light socket or switch is perfectly suited to modern properties looking to create a refined, minimal look. The bright hue of our Smoked Silver electrical accessories is expertly crafted to accentuate the clean, elegant features of modern design schemes. Pair our Smoked Silver accents with clean, contrasting hues of black and white throughout the home, set off by soft lavender tones featured in luxurious wallpaper and cushions for a timeless, stylish look.

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