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Unlimited control from the palm of your hand

Unlock total freedom in your home with the ability to control lighting from the palm of your hand. Our app is available on both iOS and Android devices and allows you to wirelessly select light settings from pre-programmed modes. This can be tweaked, edited and adapted to your heart’s content – meaning your home’s smart lighting system is set exactly the way you want it.

For security, utilise our Home and Away technology to mimic 7 days of actual lighting usage to deter thieves.

How it works

Install the app through either the App store or Google Play store and then activate it. Once you follow the installation process, the app will interact with your Wandsworth Smart Lighting system and allow you to access the pre-programmed settings. From there you can edit them to suit your tastes, swipe lights on and off and time scenes to activate around the hours that suit you. Total control, truly intuitive.

Key Features

Lighting Control App

  • Enjoy 14 pre-programmed icons to make quick selection of lighting settings.
  • Use an on/off slider to quickly turn all lights on and off.
  • Optimise lighting with a Dust to Dawn settings to emulate sunrise and sunset.
  • Adjust activate times for light on and off within specific rooms.
  • Pre-program up to 10 timed scenes.
  • Use Home and Away lighting technology to mimic your light usage when away from your property.

Using Alexa

Account Deletion

Using the Wandsworth Smart Control app and Netbox2, you can set up your Wandsworth Controls to be activated from Alexa.

To set up Alexa on your Wandsworth Controls, you will need to sign up for a Wandsworth Controls account within the app:

  • Connect to your Netbox2 with the app, go to the Settings > Your Account section and follow the instructions to Sign Up. On completion, pair the account with your Netbox2.
  • Then, in the Skills & Games section of the Alexa app, enable the Wandsworth Controls skill and link it to your new Wandsworth Controls account. Use the Discover Devices option in the Alexa Skill to add all of your Wandsworth Controls from the Netbox2, making them controllable using voice commands.

We store your email and password for authentication with Alexa. If you decide that you no longer need your account, you can delete it using the Wandsworth Smart Control app:

  • Connect to your Netbox2 with the app, go to the Settings > Your Account section and Sign In.
  • If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot your password link.
  • Once signed in, use the Delete my Account link at the bottom of the page – you may be asked to sign in again before being offered the Delete my Account button.
  • Your account will be suspended for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

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