Light Control App | Control Lights with your Phone

Light Control App: Control Lights with your Phone

Control your lights with your iPhone or Android phone using our light control app

Control your lights with your phone, our Light control app enables you to control lights with an iPhone or Android device.  The Wandsworth Light Controller (WLC) gives complete control of your lights from the palm of your hand and works perfectly with Wandsworth Controls.  The Light Control app is available for Android and iOS smart devices. 

With multiple intelligent lighting control features that ensure the light setting is perfect for the current use of the room, the Wandsworth Light Controller provides a simple and easy way to control the comfort of a room. Select the appropriate lighting scene from a number of pre-programmed settings, all of which can be edited, adapted and saved in the app. Turn on/off all lights, saving energy, with a simple swipe and programme timed scenes. Easily set light scenes to come on or off at certain times and on certain days.

The simply smart, Wandsworth Light Controller, allows you to control your lights with your iPhone or Android device and works in beautiful harmony with Wandsworth Controls smart lighting control system, helping provide another level of lighting control intelligence.​

Features and Capabilities of the Light Control App:

Lighting Control App with 14 pre-defined icons

The App comes with 14 pre-designed icons that represent common room usage plus generic symbols for additional scenes.

Lighting Control App with all on and all off slider

The on/off slider within the app enables you to turn off all the lights within the building and all on again as they previously were with a simple slide. 

Light Control App enables you to adjust icon names

The icon names can be amended to represent your own requirement within the app.

Light Control App allows you to adjuse light settings from your phone

The light setting can be amended by adjusting the levels of each light circuit associated to that scene. 

Light Control App lets you set time lights come on and off from your iphone

The Dusk to Dawn feature recognises your location and sets the lights to come on or off relative to the sun rising and setting in your location

Within Lighting Control App you can adjust timed lighting scenes from your phone

Within the app you can set-up and adjust the activation times for light scenes within a room. 

Our Lighting Control App enables you to set timed scenes from your iphone

Set the scenes to come on or off on a particular day and name the scene to reflect its setting usage. You can pre-programme up to 10 timed scenes

The Lighting Control App can track activity for 7 days

The Home and Away feature allows you to record your activity over a 7 day period and when away replay the activity.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the appropriate app store

Our light control app enables you to control your lights from your phone
Our light control app enables you to control your lights from your phone

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Multiple intelligent lighting control system

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