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Distinctive Designs Require Creative Solutions

Turn Technology On

Need a socket that incorporates the newest USB charging technology, plug sockets and media cables but fits seamlessly into your project’s design vision? We can meet complex technological requirements with unrivalled aesthetic finishes.

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A Unique Finish

Want to make your project truly unique? Combine any of our stunning finishes with different plate styles, then customise even further with a choice of dimmers and toggles. To really stand out, you need something nobody else has even dreamed of. We can make that happen.

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Customised Control

Want a retractive switch that dims lights? We can provide that - on a beautiful screwless plate that demands attention, no less. Wandsworth’s bespoke services offer the widest selection of choice when it comes to materials and smart lighting controls.

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Match Your Style

Whether it’s matching or complementing a paint colour, fitting in with custom window or door hardware or just matching your design trend, Wandsworth can offer unrivalled style that suits your project.

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