Rocker Light Switches

Sleek, stylish and simple...

Rocker light switches are sleek, stylish and simple. They’re a popular style in minimalist and contemporary homes, where you want seamless interaction with your electrical accessories. Easy to operate and available in a range of finishes, they are the perfect choice for any room in a home.

Our rocker light switches are handcrafted in Britain and boast finish options ranging from Super Mirror Stainless Steel to a Dark Antique Bronze. Whatever your requirements, we can match your needs.


Rocker light switches are available in all Wandsworth Collections. However, we would recommend using rocker switches with our more modern collections, such as Infinity and Penthouse, where the minimal profile of the plate matches the rocker.


Want light dimming in your property? You don’t need a traditional dimmer switch – instead we can build dimming functionality into a rocker dimmer switch, meaning you can control your light levels intuitively with a simple, sleek rocker. No compromises on quality or aesthetics.

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