Architrave Light Switches

Fitting style into smaller spaces

Don’t compromise on style due to smaller spaces. Our architrave light switches are ideal for areas such as where door frames are placed close together, or in tight corners.

These restricted wall spaces cannot accommodate the size of a normal light switch, but equally they may be the ideal location for a switch due to wiring or functionality. In these cases, an architrave switch is the perfect slimline solution with a smaller surface mounting option.

Our architrave switches are handcrafted here in the UK. They are available with 1 to 4 gangs and can be designed with a range of switches. Which collection you choose depends on the style you’re trying to achieve…


Wandsworth architrave light switches are designed to be unobtrusive and help you enhance the style of a room, no matter the space. We offer them in our Classic and Classic Square Edged Collections, which are both extremely slimline plates that can be finished in both ultra-modern or heritage styles. In addition, you can select toggles, rockers or bell push switches to make your architrave switch something special.


Want to control your lighting from an architrave light switch? Choose Wandsworth Lighting Controls and we can offer full dimming functionality from a range of switch types.

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