Vintage Light Switches

A throwback to something beautiful


Vintage light switches are an attempt to reclaim some of the style and beauty of bygone periods. With Wandsworth Electrical’s vintage light switches, we are bringing retro style to the forefront with a range of switches and plates that look fantastic and evoke elegant eras such as Victorian, Adam and Georgian periods.

Our exquisite finishes will enhance and reflect the characteristics long associated with Wandsworth Electrical’s design excellence. With over 100 years of history, our vintage light switches have graced the finest of spaces, including Balmoral Castle and Kensington Palace.


Each of our vintage and retro light switches is handmade and finished in England by our highly skilled technicians, and carefully inspected to ensure they meet our own high standards. Our standards are based on long standing values and principles set by the founders in 1904, allowing our products to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have paid particular attention to the detailing throughout the Heritage collection. Our Georgian collection has the beautiful roped edge associated with that era. The distinct beaded edges come through from the Adam era, and a subtle stepped edge finish that define the Victorian days. Our vintage and retro light switches reflect our century old design excellence.


Vintage styles demand great finishes to truly evoke that retro feel. Whether you’re aiming for 1920’s, 1960’s or 1980’s style, we have finishes across our range to suit each. From Super Mirror Stainless Steel for modern aesthetics, to Bronze and Brass for more traditional feels – browse our finishes to learn more.


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