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Premium collection of designer sockets and switches

As we sit and enjoy our living space, our eyes are constantly moving to capture the beauty and feel of what we have created.  The walls are adorned with pictures or colour, the floors made of wood or wool, the accessories refined to blend or add the finishing touch.  

Choosing the right designer electrical sockets is as important as the texture of the flooring or the positioning of the light fittings or the pattern of the wallpaper.  Our exciting collections will allow you to add a luxury look and feel to any space you are creating.  Whether you are seeking a vintage mix or a totally modern look and feel Wandsworth Electrical have the perfect solution.

Our handcrafted designer electrical sockets are available in a wide range of combinations and finishes to suit the most discerning spaces.  Perhaps a multi purpose socket that includes power and data needs, or a USB integrated socket is just what you are looking for.  The ability to charge a portable device using a USB cable is an example of continuous  innovation that we pride and challenge ourselves on.

Each of our beautiful premium collections offer a range of designer electrical sockets, that will fit perfectly in your overall vision.  The Penthouse collection for example has a flush slimline finish that simply clips into place a true screwless plate. Our modern Square Edge collection is the epitome of design , with its square edges very much in-vogue and can be seen in one of London premium developments Battersea Power Station.  Wandsworth Electrical opens up the possibilities even further with the ability to choose your preferred switching mechanism.

The premium quality long associated with the Wandsworth name, has seen our accessories placed in some of the most prestigious of residences and venues.  With over 100 years of design and manufacturing excellence, each of our collection is handmade and finished in Britain, using only the highest quality components and processes.  The attention to detail is reflected in each of our collections which can be seen here.  If there is a particular colour or finish you wish to include in your design, our bespoke design service may just be the answer too.

We guarantee to match any colour or finish you require, simply send us a sample of your vision and we will be happy to return a sample for your approval.  Should you wish to discover more about this unique service please find out contact details here.

Exclusive designer sockets as used in one of our recently completed projects

The Penthouse collection offers designer switches and sockets