Antique Brass

Historical, distinguished, delightful


Brass has been favoured in design for thousands of years, with the ancient Romans using it in the production of coins and on ornamental helmets. This is truly a material which seeps with history and grandeur.

Antique Brass sockets and antique brass light switches offer a light, soft shade that speaks of this heritage design history, from Roman metalwork to traditional parlour rooms and a bygone era that prized elegance.



Our antique finishes in our brass switches and sockets are stunning to behold and ideal for historical and heritage properties which demand distinction in every corner of their interior design. Created by us and exclusive to Wandsworth Electrical, our extensive range of antique brass options includes dimmer and rocker switches, shaver sockets and socket and switch options, ensuring you have the full range to meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically.



We have carefully selected the material for this finish, choosing premium-grade brass and refining it into a stunning end product. The brushed finish gives these products a delicate texture which speaks to the quality of the design and manufacturing, whilst the finish also makes the product a more understated alternative to the shine of polished brass. The hand-finished brush feel on the brass of these sockets and light switches is something truly unmatched in the market.



With a century of experience in manufacturing quality designer light switches and sockets, we have the expertise to create products which are truly unique and bring electrical accessory design to unprecedented heights. Our antique brass offerings have been exquisitely crafted for a premium look and feel for those with discerning tastes, creating a sense of majesty and beauty unmatched by many other materials and electrical accessory offerings. This finish is the option to choose for showcasing quality design and attention to detail in every aspect of your heritage home.



Call us today to discuss your Antique Brass order; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help you with your order and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario. You can also visit our online shop to order this finish today.

How it’s created

Antique brass in your home

Antique Brass utilises over 100 years of design history and is handcrafted here in the UK. Many of the techniques we use have been practiced since our founding, showcasing the quality and lasting durability of our products.

Lighter brass shades are ideal in heritage properties looking to replicate the antique look. The stunning shade of our antique brass sockets and antique brass light switches is perfectly suited for the rich colours and intricate details of heritage buildings. These pair exquisitely with darker wood shades in flooring and paint walls with lighter shades to bring out a traditional style.

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