Retract To Centre Toggle Switch

Intuitive Control From Wandsworth

Make dimming simple with Wandsworth. Our beautiful retract to centre toggle switch is perfectly intuitive, allowing a simple up to brighten, down to dim functionality which flips back to a neutral centre position when not in use.

This design means the switch always appears to be in the centre, so operators can quickly access brightening or dimming functions as needed. Functionality exactly as your hand expects it.

More than a light switch

The intuitive retract to centre toggle allows full control over lighting, curtains, roller blinds and gate switches – giving users the interactive open/close and up/down functions they expect. When used as part of a smart control system, our lighting design team can program virtually any functionality required into your lighting control accessories.

Beauty and intuition

Retract to centre toggle switches are available across all of our collections, allowing you to craft quality into every part of your home in any style you require. From contemporary screwless plates in Penthouse through to Georgian roped edge style, add intuitive control to your home today.

Want to add a focal point of design interest to your switches? Choose our unique cornet, straight knurl, pinnacle and baton toggles to truly personalise your home down to the finest details.

Choose Your Collection

Choose intuitive control from Wandsworth today and discover the largest collection in the world of retract to centre switches.

Style Your Finish

Customise the final look of your fast charging USB socket with a range of luxurious finishes. From ultra-sleek bright nickel and stainless steel to heritage choices such as antique bronze and antique silver, you can match ultra-powerful charging to your home’s aesthetics.

How it works

Our fast charging USB socket also uses a built-in power MOS which eliminates the need for a secondary feedback circuit allowing a product smaller than traditional charging circuits, which use separate circuits.

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