Staying Bright Throughout the Winter

Keeping it Bright

As we head into autumn and the days get shorter, it feels like we spend more of our life in the dark. When leaving home in the morning and coming home at night, we gradually get used to it being darker and darker until we barely see daylight at all. In these months, it’s important to keep the light levels high in your home to contrast the dark outside. There are several ways to keep your home feeling bright, from small design tips and lifestyle changes to innovative technology.

Colour Scheme

A light colour scheme is the key to making your home feel brighter throughout the darker seasons. Darker colours on your walls and floors will only reduce light levels in your home and make rooms look more cramped and smaller.

It’s good to stick to pale colours which still have warmth in them. Off-whites and creams are the best options, as the paler colour will reflect more light around the room. Stick to plain walls and floors and avoid patterns – this will keep the room looking lighter and airier.



The materials you use in your home play a big part in the perceived light levels in each room. For example, if you choose a lot of reflective materials then it will bounce light back into the room. This can be as simple as gloss paint on the walls or a gloss finish on cabinets for that extra shine.

Mirrors are the perfect tool for creating a lighter space in winter. Large mirrors in rooms and hallways make great tools for increasing lighting levels. Metallic materials have the same effect and it’s good to incorporate them as much as possible into each room. Lighting accessories with reflective finishes are a great place to start. Our Super Mirror Stainless finish is a modern and stylish option which has a reflective surface. Other bright metallic options like Polished Brass and Satin Silver will also brighten up the room.



Your windows play a big part in the amount of light in your home. For the day time, when natural light is coming in, make sure that the windows are completely unobscured. This means moving anything out of the way on the inside and trimming back all tree branches, plants and foliage on the outside.

Letting more light into your home could even be as simple as making sure your windows are as clean as possible. Do a regular clean on the inside and outside to let optimum light levels in. Make sure you have a means of keeping your curtains out of the way during the day – some stylish curtain ties are the best and easiest option.

Smart Lighting

The best way to make sure you have optimum light levels in your home is by installing a smart lighting system. Wandsworth Lighting Controls allows you to completely personalised your lighting levels and alter them as the seasons command. The Daylight Harvesting function is particularly useful for the winter months. As natural light fluctuates through the day, our lighting control system adjusts the light levels in your home accordingly to take advantage of the natural light. Not only does this allow you to maximise your natural light levels, but it is also a great energy-saving option.

Smart Lighting For Homes

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