Incorporating Hygge Into Your Interior Design

The Danish phrase ‘Hygge’ is more than just a word. It’s an entire attitude and mindset, styled around self-care and cosiness. It is a word meant to be felt, rather than translated. It is, in essence, the idea of treating yourself kindly and being comfortable with your friends and family.

It is no surprise that Danish people are generally regarded as some of the happiest in the world. The art of achieving Hygge is key to this, and fortunately it’s a feeling that can be replicated in your own home. With the right interior design choices, you can go a long way towards creating a Hygge life.

The basic tenants of the style are simple: cosy spaces, a lack of uniformity in decoration and a concentration on intimacy and comfort. To create the Scandinavian style, you can do the following:



While Hygge isn’t the same as minimalism, there is a definite crossover. Select choice pieces of décor, usually made of natural materials such as wood and stone, to offer specific functions in a room.  For example, put a dining table in a spot to have conversations over, place an armchair in your most relaxing space and then add books and sentimental items to spark discussions.

While you would assume carpet is important to the style due to its comfort and warmth, this couldn’t be less true. In fact, carpets are generally ‘banned’ in the Hygge style and instead bare wooden floors covered with rugs are standard.




Add throws and rugs to these minimalist style spaces to really enhance the comfort factor. Purchase large cushions and pillows made with a softer material such as cashmere, allowing you to luxuriate in total comfort.  Vary your throws by season, with lighter textures in summer and thick, heavy blankets in winter.



Natural materials take precedence in Hygge and all Nordic designs. Use wood and stone as your main materials for walls and flooring as well as furniture. Bring the outside in with houseplants and natural textiles, which will help the space breathe and help occupants feel more connected to nature.



Lighting is key to the Hygge and Scandinavian style. Invest in warm, soft lights that can ensure any room has gentle lighting for darker days. Use candles, lamps, fairy lights and fireplaces to create small pockets of lighting rather than focusing on one big light source. This helps create a room that has a soft, welcoming glow.

For your lighting accessories, use soft metallics such as bronze or brass. Our Penthouse collection is sleek, screwless and extremely flush-fitting – making it the perfect choice for Hygge minimalism.

Each part of your home should bring you joy, so don’t settle for standard light switches or sockets – craft comfort, style and appreciation into every single part of your design and enjoy a welcoming home that feels truly ‘Hygge.’

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