Retractive Switches Widen The Dimming Options

Adjust to suit your mood

Everybody is well aware of the basic lighting control afforded by rotary dimmers. With these, you are able to not only turn lights on and off but adjust the light levels up and down, so they reflect the rooms current use or requirement.  However, the ability to dim lights up and down is not restricted to just rotary dimmers.  Wandsworth Controls offers retractive dimmer packs, which enable the lights to be turned on and off but also light levels up and down with different switch types.  Available across our collections and in multiple finishes the rockers, toggles and bell push, can deliver the same lighting control experience as rotary dimmers.

Unlimited control

Retractive switches and dimming packs are the simplest option for lighting control and operate via a ‘push to make’ switch. The switch controls the switching on and off of the light, and also the dimming. When the switch is pressed and held it will dim down. Another press and hold will dim back up. A momentary push will switch off and also turn on.

One of the benefits that a retractive switch and dimmer pack have over a basic rotary dimmer, is the multiple locations in which you are able to adjust the light level.  For instance, in a hallway, if you had rotary dimmers at the top of the stairs and the bottom, only one set would have the capability to amend the light level, whereas with a retractive switch and dimming pack both the upstairs and downstairs switches can adjust the light level.


Very simple to set up and wire, the retractive switches and dimmers packs are a fast growing lighting control option, as such we have been fitting them into a numbers of major projects across London. Chosen for their ability to offer lighting control, whilst not compromising on the design, as you can select the required plate finish and switch type that is appropriate to the rooms look.

The Lighting Controls we offer are tailored to exactly what you need but we ensure that the design and beauty element is never compromised.  So whether it is a simple dimming of lights with a rocker switch or toggle switch or a complete network system that enables you to control your lights with your phone, we have the in-house experience to develop a system that will provide exactly as you require.

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