The first DALI Digital Module Installed at The Headland Hotel, Newquay

We were delighted to be selected to install and commission Wandsworth Controls and our very first DALI Digital module in The Headland Hotel in a recent luxury development project, enabling us to  really show off our technical capabilities. After a huge effort across the team toward the development and testing of this new product, we were elated to make this achievement and step forward as a business.

Wandsworth Electrical were approached by Lighting Designer Lisa Mills with a specific design vision. This centred on creating beams of light evocative of soft waves slowly shifting across a feature wall alongside the hotel’s swimming pool, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Luminaires were specified as DALI Digital and due to the system’s flexibility; we were able to introduce the new DALI device with ease. We offered the luxury development project a level of versatility and quality that only our WLC 1XDDA could deliver, allowing guests to experience a new level of lighting control.

Introducing a Brand-New System That Breaks the Mould

Our innovative DALI Digital control has the capacity to control up to 64 luminaires from a singular WLC 1XDDA on one control line. Each luminaire is also capable of performing its own function to offer maximum versatility.

After a rigorous testing and refinement process leading up to a demonstration undertaken by our team member Neil, we were given the go-ahead to deliver the system as part of The Headland Hotel development. To enhance guest value at The Headland Hotel and deliver custom lighting control, we integrated DALI Digital as a complete control system, which included mains dimmable, DALI Broadcast functionality and DALI Digital & Relay. 

In order to create the alluring wave effect with the lighting system, each luminaire must constantly change its light output and as such, each luminaire must have its own address (name). Our trailblazing system can send commands to specific luminaires as part of a dynamic lighting scene. The DALI system also allows for the ‘fade’ time of each luminaire to be adjusted. By altering the fade time, users can create an exceptionally smooth transition between the change in light levels, selecting a different percentage for each luminaire.

A Step Forward in Luxury Lighting Design

As part of this unique specification, we manufactured some incredible scene plates, constructed of marine-grade stainless steel. This robust, long-wearing material was selected to honour the hotel’s waterside location and offered a stunning finish to the new system.

The outstanding development project resulted in the introduction of a unique ambient lighting system that will set The Headland Hotel apart as a brand. We’re incredibly proud of the success of DALI Digital, especially since project delivery and completion took place during the height of the pandemic.

Ash Smith, Controls Manager said, “It was a pleasure to be part of such a transformative project that will help create a luxurious, calming atmosphere within the hotel; our team worked exceptionally hard from the initial testing phase to completion and we can’t wait to see where DALI takes us in the future.”

 He continued  “Our Controls Team at Wandsworth really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this fantastic property, and would like to thank Mr Armstrong, owner of The Headland Hotel for his hospitality while working with him.”

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