Why you don’t need a million sockets for a £1 million house

A post on Twitter stirred up our worst nightmare – a beautiful home completely ruined by an almost inconceivable amount of plug and media sockets in almost every room. The listing, for a home in Rushdene Road, Pinner, is priced at £1,350,000 – for that price it’s natural to assume a high quality home with good fittings and general design.

Think again!

As you can see in the screenshot, the room has at least 14+ individual sockets. The next screenshot is even more of a shock.

Considering the asking price of the property, this level of disorganisation and chaotic electric accessory design is alarming. At Wandsworth, we think luxurious properties deserve luxurious design implementation.

Bespoke Socket Design

Our bespoke service crafts multi-purpose plates that include everything from power sockets to media plates. This eliminates the requirement for the haphazard, mis-mash design employed in the home above. The mixed-media plates we produce allow a customer to incorporate everything they may need – from a full media unit for a hotel TV area to an entertainment centre in your living room.

In addition, we offer a range of beautiful finishes and styles in our collections – so whether your home is a historic style such as Victorian or Georgian, or an ultra-modern style such as our Penthouse Collection, we can create bespoke plates that suit all styles.

Our range of finishes complete the unique nature of our offering and would have been ideal in the home we’ve screenshotted above. From Dark Antique Bronze to Stainless Steel, we can add beautiful electrical accessories that cut down on clutter and create a smooth, beautiful design layout in the home.

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