LED Dimming, Why Test?

Time to Test

LED Dimming tests have become essential as LED lamps have become the norm for lighting due to their financial and environmental benefits.  LED lamps have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, which works out to be 11 years of continued operation, this is compared to 2,000 hours with a standard incandescent bulb. Though each bulb is more expensive, the extended lifetime provides long-term savings. The other main benefit of LED lamps are the environmental credentials. The credentials of LED lamps are both in usage and manufacture. LED lamps consume less power per unit of light emitted, which reduces greenhouse emissions, coupled with the lower carbon dioxide emissions, it is calculated that one LED lamps will consume 30 times less energy than an incandescent bulb.

For lighting control the choice for successfully dimming LED lighting is complicated.  Currently, there is no industry standard for LED performance and as such, each manufacturer designs to their own parameters.  To ensure the best lighting control experience and maximize the control systems full capability, the LED lamps need to be matched to the correct LED driver and dimmer type.

At Wandsworth Controls, we have an experienced in-house technical team, who as a part of the design of a lighting control system, will test and ensure that the fittings and drivers specified for the project work.  The LED Dimming testing takes place in our specially built testing laboratory and within this space, our range of dimmers and dimming systems are tested against any sample the team is supplied with.

Our smart lighting control system has been designed with LED dimming in mind and as a result, our lighting control system eliminates the flicker and buzzing commonly associated with older types of LED dimming.

The dimmers within our smart lighting control system have the capability to not only be controlled by traditional rotary dimmer switches but also toggle and rocker switches.  The 6 premium designer light switch collections that work with our smart control provide additional choices of switch types when selecting control modules.

The designer light switches within our collections, combined with an industry leading number of finishes, gives designers and end users an extensive choice of lighting control panels and ways to dim LED lights up and down.

Discuss with our technical team today about our free LED Dimmer Testing service that is all part of the Wandsworth Journey.

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