Lighting Controls and Energy Conservation

Lighting Controls and Energy Conservation

How lighting control systems save energy

Besides the aesthetic appeal of choosing 21st century lighting controls for a hotel or residential project, there’s a much bigger, longer term appeal inspiring interior designers and architects to select intelligent lighting control systems: the minimal footprint on the environment.

The conservation (and money saving) aspects of low-energy-consuming lighting systems are far-reaching. Clients and end users today are well aware that the personal choices they make will leave a lasting impact not only on the environment, but also for the generations that follow. As an interior designer seeking to create stunning, inviting spaces while still being environmentally-friendly, it’s never been easier.
Wandsworth’s aesthetically-appealing Wandsworth Controls intelligent lighting control system offer many energy conservation aspects which we’ve built in to ensure it meets exacting standards:

Embrace the Sunlight
Using the most natural lighting in a room is key to all projects, and lighting controls allow users to truly maximize the abundant, renewable energy resource of natural daylight. During much of the day, there is no need to have all the lights on or at maximum, so via the Wandsworth Lighting Controller app users can set automated timers that will adjust light levels throughout the day all from their phone. Efficient use of daylight can save clients up to 75% of all the energy used for lighting.

Find out more on our light control app that allows light control with your phone

Control your lights with your iPhone or Android phone using our light control app

Decrease Consumption
Even in the evenings when lights do need to be on, they rarely ever need to all be completely on. In certain rooms and at certain times of the day, at the client’s choosing, Wandsworth Controls dimmers can be used to set scenes and enhance the ambience of a room at the same time as lowering and optimizing energy usage. By choosing just the right lighting, appliances, and other electricity-draining systems for your clients, they can enjoy the beautiful spaces you’ve designed without wasting money or negatively impacting the environment. Good management of intelligent lighting systems can save clients huge sums in the long run.

Lengthen Lamp Life
LED_light:  Choosing LEDs for the lighting systems both helps the environment and conserves energy. LEDs last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs that typically last 700 to 1,000 hours; LEDs can last up to 50,000. In addition, LED bulbs save 90% of the energy that incandescent would use, so it’s key to choose a lighting control system that works well with LEDs and doesn’t suffer from ‘flicker’ on low settings. Wandsworth Controls has been developed for the age of LEDs with a special advice service to help interior designers plan lighting controls into their projects using whichever lighting they plan to use.

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Make Best Use of Flexible Spaces
As an interior designer, you are well aware of the effect that lighting has on usage and mood and that the aesthetics of an environment significantly contribute to this too. By selecting intelligent lighting control systems for your projects, you’re giving your clients control over the lighting they need to create a room’s ambience. A single room can transform into endless environments with infinitely-customisable lighting combinations and settings – all while saving electricity and reducing the footprint on the environment.

Ease of Use
Lighting control systems don’t have to be complex, either to specify or to use, otherwise the energy saving measures as mentioned above don’t happen. It’s key that they are easy to install (so electrical contractors are happy), easy to understand and buy and then easy for all to use. Plus, there’s no need for lighting controls to have ‘space age’ plates which look cheap or plastic that can negatively impact the overall design of rooms. Wandsworth Controls comes together with the full range of Wandsworth’s lighting control plates and finishes plus 4 different options on switch styles.

So, as you go about creating beautiful living spaces,  please choose lighting control systems that look good, reduce energy use and will save money in the long run. Why not?

 Control your lights with your iPhone or Android phone using our light control app

Touchscreen Control

Our light control app for smart devices​

Designer Lighting control system panel

Beautifully Smart

Beautifully designed lighting control panels 

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