How lighting control can support your CSR Programme

How Lighting Control can support your CSR Programme

Lighting control in commercial buildings

With businesses being increasingly mindful of their environmental legacy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) record, architects and designers who can find a way to cut energy bills for corporate clients will inevitably have an edge over their competitors. The implementation of advanced lighting control systems is a key weapon in this effort. Such systems have been shown to provide significant cost savings, whilst also improving sustainability and helping businesses remain compliant with applicable building codes and green energy standards.

Why go smart with commercial lighting?
20% of the electricity generated in the UK is used for lighting. On top of that, non-domestic lighting is reported to churn out around 24 million tonnes of CO2 a year, according to the Carbon Trust. Smarter energy usage can reduce outgoings by 30-50% and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Over the last few years, energy conservation, environmental concerns and the desire to cut costs have become the primary drivers for lighting control system integration. This is driven by greater interest from the public, governmental bodies and internal stakeholders.

In addition, a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design has suggested that 68% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices. It would be fair to assume then that poor or mismanaged lighting is having a detrimental impact on the productivity of workforces. Dim and fluorescent lighting in particular have demonstrably negative effects on employees, causing headaches and eye strain, among other problems.

How lighting control helps the environment

Improved lighting control functions for greater efficiency
Lighting control systems have a number of practical features that provide facility owners, especially owners of commercial buildings such as offices or hotels, greater control over the quality of their lighting and the impact energy bills have on their bottom line.

Controls manufacturers are now designing systems that respond to room occupancy. For example, our Wandsworth Controls lighting controls platform can be used to switch lights off automatically when not required, which clearly is instrumental in trimming costs and limiting wastefulness. There is also potential in daylight sensing capabilities, which take advantage of natural light and reduce the levels of artificial light accordingly. Equally, dimmable, as opposed to traditional, switching has become an increasingly popular option. This not only cuts energy use but, with the advent of retractive rocker and toggle switches, offers a greater choice of aesthetic as well as lighting control. Further, dimmable switches extend the life of halogen and incandescent bulbs cutting costs, the need for maintenance and reducing landfill waste – a benefit we can all get behind.  When these older bulbs do come to be replaced, it is advised that lighting control systems produce a consistent dimming experience with LEDs, something which had previously not been possible.

Long term potential of lighting control systems
Installing the right lighting controls for your premises, be it an office, hotel or commercial space can ensure that artificial or controlled lighting is provided at the optimum space, time and amount. In addition to improving the comfort of employees and guests alike, smart lighting solutions and control systems can dramatically reduce maintenance costs, energy expenditure and green legacy. Lastly, effective lighting can provide greater flexibility to the way a workspace is used and work to anticipate the increasing requirement for more efficient energy consumption.

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Our Wandsworth Controls system is capable of all the above, and more. With access to the complete range of Wandsworth designer light switches and lighting control panels, Wandsworth Controls can look good while saving energy and money.

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