Why Wandsworth Lighting Control?

What makes Wandsworth unique? Our stunning lighting control offers a combination of beauty and intelligence to create a premium finished product that is perfect in your premises

Beauty Meets Intelligence

Our lighting control switches are a combination of designer light switches and intelligent controls, which means high quality, beautifully designed accessories that contain adaptive control intelligence.

Touchscreen Accessibility

The Wandsworth Lighting Control App works with your Android or iOS device to allow you to control your lights from the palm of your hand.

Simply Smart

Our lighting control systems are incredibly simple to use despite the near limitless range of control functionality available.

Get a Helping Hand

If you have any issues on the aesthetic or functional side of our products, the Wandsworth team is happy to help guide you through the process of lighting design in your home.

Tailored To You

The most desirable lighting control system is the one built for you and your needs. Wandsworth plan and deliver systems that deliver exactly what you want, with no added frills or costs.

Are you ready to create a beautiful, intelligent lighting system in your building?


Beautiful smart lighting control

Our Lighting Control system can be controlled by six of our premium electrical accessories

Intelligent Control System

Our Lighting Controls offers multiple intelligent features that are simple to set and adjust

Touchscreen Control

Control and adjust your light settings with your phone with our lighting controll app

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