Why Wandsworth Lighting Control?

Why Wandsworth Lighting Control

The Wandsworth Difference 

Wandsworth Lighting Controls unique intelligence is suitable where users and clients need to combine technological advanced lighting controls with premium front end design.

Our collections of designer light switches work in harmony with our intelligent lighting control systems and simple to use light control app, adding a new dimension to any design​.  The simple to use control system has revolutionised the look and capability of lighting control systems and created a myriad of possibilities. 

With many developments now incorporating lighting control, for its ability to create perfect ambiance in any setting and save money through energy conservation, designers have been choosing and installing Wandsworth Control systems to deliver these benefits.  

Here are 5 key reasons why Wandsworth Controls are continuously chosen. ​

Simple to use and adapt lighting control system
Lighting Control
Beauty Meets Intelligence

Our lighting controls combine a century of high quality, beautifully designed electrical accessories with advanced control intelligence

Touchscreen Control

User friendly and customisable control app available in Android and iOS that provides touch screen control from the palm of your hand

Lighting Control system reasons for wandsworth
Simply Smart

Modern lighting controls provide a myriad of options. Our system is simple to use with a clean interface whilst providing unlimited lighting control capability

Reasons for Wandsworth Lighting Control
A Helping Hand

With many years of experience our inhouse professional design and advisory team will guide you through each stage

Wandsworth Lighting Control  systems
Tailored to You

Creating a system that provides exactly what you need and no more.  Delivering a lower level of complexity and drastic reduction in costs compared to alternative solutions.

Wandsworth Controls

Wandsworth Controls - Where Beauty Meets Intelligence

Our light control app enables you to control your lights with your phone

Touchscreen Control

Our light control app for light control with your phone 

Designer switches for lighting control

Beautifully Smart

Beautifully designed lighting control panels

Multiple lighting control features

Intelligent Lighting Control System

Multiple intelligent lighting control features