Wandsworth Lighting Control Journey

Wandsworth Lighting Control Journey

Our journey provides our knowledge and experience to ensure your lighting controls is as required

Concept to Completion - With you every step of the way

For over 100 years we have been taking our clients on the Wandsworth Journey.   This journey harnesses all our experience and knowledge and guides you from concept to completed creation, providing the most extensive selection of accessory options and finishes in the market.  This unique journey now includes lighting control and ensures each control system provides exactly what you want - No More, No Less.

Lighting control technology evolves at a rapid rate, this speed of change can make the process of selecting the correct system complex and problematic.

With many years of experience our in-house professional design and advisory team will guide you through each stage. Creating a system that provides exactly what you need and no more. Delivering a lower level of complexity and drastic reduction in costs compared to alternative solutions.

No matter the size of the project, our design team will configure the correct lighting controls set-up that will meet your lighting objectives. From a simple room set-up to a large multi-room or DALI lighting control based project, we have the systems and capability to deliver an unmatched, bespoke user experience.  

Our lighting control services ensure your lighting control system is as required


If you want to understand more about the different Lighting Control protocols, view our blog post on the subject

Our lighting control systems have been used in a large variety of settings, each time tailored to the clients exact requirements


Providing the perfect experience 

Wandsworth Lighting Control for any setting


Setting the correct ambiance 

Wandsworth Controls for all settings


Saving energy in commercial settings

Wandsworth Controls for commercial buildings


Creating the perfect light setting 

Wandsworth Control for Residential Homes
Wandsworth Controls Dimmer Testing

LED Dimmer Testing

As no industry standard exist for the performance of an LED, each manufacturer produces LED products according to their own design parameters. Therefore, LED and drivers need to be matched to the control system. Our technical team within our testing laboratory, ensure that the fittings and drivers specified work optimally for your project. The testing service will trial our range of dimmers and dimming systems with any samples that we are supplied with.

Our light control app enables control of your lights with your phone

Touchscreen Control

Our lighting control app is designed for smart devices and enables you to control the lights with your phone and from the palm of your hand..

Lighting Control systems with multiple features

Multiple Intelligent Features 

Our smart lighting control system comes with multiple intelligent features that help ensure your lighting is perfect for your setting 

Download our Lighting Control Brochure for all the required information on our intelligent lighting controls that combines beautiful electrical accessories with advanced control technology.