Smart Lighting Controls

Smart Lighting Control for the perfect light setting

Our smart lighting control system will enable you to beautifully balance the lighting mood in your overall design

Smart lighting controls by Wandsworth Controls are at the cutting edge of technology, and the first choice for complex lighting installations that demand high quality and aesthetic beauty. Creating the perfect lighting ambience and balance is a consideration many wish to incorporate into an interior design and the mood and tone of lighting are part of the overall feel and vision of large venues, hotels, restaurants and luxury residences.

With over 100 years of design excellence, our lighting control systems fit seamlessly into all of the design aspects. Whether you are seeking automatic sensors to light a particular space, programmable options for particular times of day, or the ability to control lights from a distance, you require a smart control system  Discover more about our multiple lighting control system features here> 

The lighting controls system has been developed to offer a selection of lighting control features that are designed to achieve your preferred goal and objective. Versatility is key to creating the perfect solution that balance energy conservation, design requirements and ease of use.

Conrol your lights with your phone with our Light Control App

Our smart lighting systems offer a myriad of options that allow integration with other home automation systems, as well as a complete range of bespoke additions.

Whether you wish to create a beautiful lighting spectacular, or a combination of zones and hotspots, our control software grants you full control over the lighting needs. Other capabilities include the ability to record lighting patterns for 7 days that are ideal for setting automatic settings whilst you are away.

As portable technology has evolved, so have the demands of users. Our intelligent lighting systems can be accessed remotely through a simple to use light control app, giving the luxury of programming your lighting scenes as if using a remote control.

Available on both Android and iOS smart devices the light control app gives lighting control with  your phone and meets the growing desire and usage of smart phones.​

The design and technical know how we have gained from our 100 years is passed onto every customer no matter the size of the project.  We  ensure each customers lighting control solution delivers exactly what is required, no more, no less.  This design and technical know-how has also given us the opportunity to merge an intelligent lighting control system with beautiful control modules ensuring that any setting can have smart lighting control as well as eye pleasing and simple to use control plates.

 Control your lights with your iPhone or Android phone using our light control app

Touchscreen Control 

Control your lights from your phone with our App

The Wandsworth Journey , our guiding hand

The Wandsworth Journey

We guide you to ensure your lighting control is perfect 

Lighting Control panels that are smart and beautiful

Smart Lighting Control 

Our smart system works with various lighting control panels 

Lighting Control Brochure

Where Beauty meets Intelligence.  Our Lighting Control brochure provides all the required detail on our Lighting Control System