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Lighting scenes solutions designed with over 100 years of experience

Create the perfect scene setting lighting control system and incorporate this in your next lighting plan

One of the most challenging aspects of designing an interior whether it is a luxurious apartment or a commercial building surrounds the overall ambience, not just from the decoration, but more importantly from the lighting scenes that are playing a far more interesting and important role.

Adding individual zones or hot spots is no longer a luxury for technology experts with sophisticated equipment. Thanks to continued innovation and technological advancements it is now within reach of the everyday consumer, who wish to include this in their homes or working environments.

Perhaps you are involved in a project that requires a variety of different lighting conditions, that require different areas or zones to be created. Whether it be a lighting scene for reading and a different scene for watching Television, Wandsworth Lighting Control Systems and our scene set plates are the perfect solution.

Our scene setting lighting control systems allow an unlimited range of possibilities that are as broad as the imagination. The technology we have created is modular in design and allows your project additional capabilities in the future and is very easy to manage through a simple interface.

With more than 100 years of heritage you can be assured your lighting control panels will be of the highest quality in the market, as we handcraft and hand-check every accessory and only use the highest quality materials. With each of our premium electrical accessories collections designed to work in unison with our light scene control systems, Wandsworth Controls is where beauty meets intelligence.

Discover the world of light scene possibilities with Wandsworth Controls and our range of lighting control solutions. We are happy to provide full technical assistance and expert know-how that will guide you to the ideal solution for your project, we call this process the Wandsworth Lighting Control Journey and ensures your lighting control system is the perfect solution, providing no more or less than required. 

Multiple lighting scenes can be created with our easy to use lighting control system and integrated software

With our Lighting Control Scene Plates you can preprogramme lighting scenes and with a simple press of a button your lights change to the required light scene.

 Control your lights with your iPhone or Android phone using our light control app

Touchscreen Control 

Control your lights from your phone with our App

The Wandsworth Journey , our guiding hand

The Wandsworth Journey

We guide you to ensure your lighting control is perfect 

Lighting Control panels that are smart and beautiful

Smart Lighting Control 

Our smart system works with various lighting control panels 

Lighting Control Brochure

Where Beauty meets Intelligence.  Our Lighting Control brochure provides all the required detail on our Lighting Control System