LED Dimming

LED Dimming 

LED Dimming with no flicker

There are many subtle ways of including LED dimming into your lighting plans, and we are here to assist in delivering the perfect combination for your project.

Our in-house design and technical teams have been creating beautiful light switches for more than a century and now we combine that experience and heritage with smart lighting control systems.   Our smart lighting control system means you aren't limited to just the traditional rotary dimmer as your control module, our system allows lighting control from rockers and toggles as well.  This provides the largest range of options available in the industry whilst delivering the high quality that Wandsworth Electrical has been associated with for over 100 years. 

We offer a truly customisable range of mains dimmers that can be switched between leading and trailing edge to suit application.  Designed with LED Dimming in mind and utilising modern lighting control technologies our system eliminates the flicker and buzzing commonly associated with dimming systems.

‚ÄčAs no industry standard exist for the performance of an LED, each manufacturer produces LED products according to their own design parameters. Therefore, LED and drivers need to be matched to the control system and ensure high performance LED Dimming. Our technical team within our testing laboratory, ensure that the fittings and drivers specified work optimally for your project. The testing service will trial our range of dimmers and dimming systems with any samples that we are supplied with.

When the dimmer or relay boards are combined with our control modules, a scene based lighting control system can be constructed to suit installations large and small, domestic or commercial.  

Now is time to discover all the possibilities with our intelligent lighting control system, it truly does offer unlimited possibilities for every installation. There are other benefits of including such a solution in a refurbishment or new build, these include energy conservation and efficiency, future expansion (due to modular design) as well as its ease of use and flexibility.

Smart Lighting Control system allows LED dimming with various control modules
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Touchscreen Control 

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The Wandsworth Journey , our guiding hand

The Wandsworth Journey

We guide you to ensure your lighting control is perfect 

Lighting Control panels that are smart and beautiful

Smart Lighting Control 

Our smart system works with various lighting control panels 

Lighting Control Brochure

Where Beauty meets Intelligence.  Our Lighting Control brochure provides all the required detail on our Lighting Control System