Smart Lighting Control Panel

Smart Lighting Control | Lighting Control Panel

Lighting Control Panel exquisitely designed and handcrafted

Our smart lighting control system provides numerous lighting control panel options, all of which help deliver a wide range of features and capabilities yet are simple to control with our intuitive interfaces.  

Our unique intelligence allows our smart lighting control system to be controlled by any rocker, toggle or bell push switch along with traditional dimmer switches.  With each switch option available across 6 of our premium collections and available in a market leading number of finishes , it is little wonder that our controls have become the clear choice when lighting controls and front end aesthetics are of equal importance in a design. 

The combined variety of switch and finish options is unique to Wandsworth, with the retractive intelligence working across any switch type it allows unrestricted choice for turning light levels up and down and provides an extensive choice of lighting control panels.

Retractive Toggle
Toggle switch for lighting control systems
Retractive Rocker
Rocker switch for Lighting Control systems
Bell Push Switch
Bell push switch for lighting control systems
Rotary Dimmer
Dimmer switch for lighting control systems

Scene Plates 

Our scene plates empower the user to select the appropriate scene from the library, ensuring the correct light setting is used to reflect the current use of the space and in turn improve the comfort of the room.   Available across 6 of our premium collections the scene plates come as standard with 4 or 8 buttons.

Adjust the backlights colour scheme with our Prism software.

Bright as a Button

Our Prism software enables the backlights on our scene plates to be set to your required colour - with 16 million options you can even match to a corporate colour.​

Scene setting lighting control system

A scene plate with elliptical silver shaped buttons and blue illumination.

Scene setting lighting control system

A scene plate with lozenge shaped buttons that are available in black or white and programmable colour LED illumination.

Scene setting lighting control system

A scene plate with round buttons that can be matching or contrasting, in a metal finish and with programmable colour LED illumination. 

Bespoke Designed Lighting Control Panels

No matter what your scene plate requirements are, our team of designers can produce bespoke designed lighting control panels to match your vision.

Engraved Lighting Control Panels

We have the capability to engrave any of our plates, which helps inform the user the function of each button. ​

Remote Lighting Control

Touchscreen Control

Our lighting control app is designed for smart devices and enables you to control the lights with your phone and from the palm of your hand.

Multiple features in our lighting control system

Intelligent Lighting Control

Intelligent lighting control system 

Why designers choose Wandsworth Lighting Controls

Why Wandsworth Controls

Why are Wandsworth Lighting Controls used by leading designers ?

Download our Lighting Control Brochure for all the required information on our intelligent controls system that combines beautiful electrical accessories with advanced control technology.