Our lighting control system allows a wide choice of lighting control panels that are functional and beautiful. Simple, intuitive, timeless


Control your lighting from any traditional light switch system. We offer beautiful panel options with simple controls that range from rocker to toggle switches. Each switch type uses retractive intelligence to offer full control of light levels. Options include:

Retractive Toggle

Retractive Rocker

Bell Push Switch

Rotary Dimmer


Scene plates are panels with 4 or 8 buttons that allow a user to select a light scene from a library. They have Prism software built in, which sets the backlight to your required colour. Options are varied, but examples include:

Bronze scene plate fitted with elliptical buttons and blue illumination.

Black scene plate with lozenge shaped buttons and programmable LED illumination.

Silver scene plate with round buttons and LED illumination.

Bespoke Lighting Panels

Aside from our core range, Wandsworth are happy to design fully bespoke plates to match your requirements, whether this is to adhere to corporate branding or to match unique tastes.

We also offer an engraving feature to explain button functions to users.

Why Wandsworth Controls

Discover the reason why Wandworth lighting controls are the choice for leading designers

Intelligent Control System

Our Lighting Controls offers multiple intelligent features that are simple to set and adjust

Touchscreen Control

Control and adjust your light settings with your phone with our lighting controll app

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