Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Wandsworth Controls multiple light control systems have many features

The Wandsworth Lighting Control system has multiple intelligent features that assist you in energy saving and ensuring the appropriate lighting is set for the current use of the room.  Simple to use and program these features provide many lighting capabilities.

Smart Touch

Smart Touch intelligent lighting control

Our lighting control systems is unique as it can be controlled by any rocker, toggle switch or bell push.  Our holistic approach to lighting control means that you can incorporate any of our premium collection plates into your lighting vision knowing that it will function flawlessly .

Library of Scenes

Library of scenes , intelligent lighting control

Creating a library of lighting moods and scenes is really limited by one's creative imagination.  Our lighting control system gives you full control of the type of mood and scene  you wish to create, plus the ability to activate at the flick or push of a switch

Kaleidoscope of Colour

Kaleidoscope of colour, intelligent lighting control system

Our Prism software gives you the power to create and select the most beautiful scene colours all at the touch of a button.  Through simple interfaces and programming, you can create amazing light scenes that reflect your mood.  This truly remarkable software is versatile, allowing a multitude of different mood lighting depending on the occasion.

7 Day Replay

7 Day Replay, intelligent security lighting control

Our intelligent security lighting feature allows you to capture up to 7 days of lighting events, which can then be used by our system to replicate your daily lighting activity.  The system naturally reflects your daily habits, making it a great deterrent against burglars when you are away from home.

All On, All Off

All on ,all off function | Intelligent Lighting Control

We incorporate a simple all on and off switch, that allows the user to override existing controls. A simple flick of a switch will allow the user to turn all lights on or off, without losing any preprogrammed settings stored on the lighting controls system 

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting, using the natural light _ Intelligent lighting control

As natural light fluctuates throughout the day our lighting control system adjusts the ambient lighting levels to take advantage of the natural light in your space.  This tool allows you to create a complete energy efficient system, resulting in reduced environmental impact and lower financial costs .

Smart Control

Smart Contol , modern intelligent lighting control system

Control your system using your mobile phone or smart device.  You can adjust lighting levels, turn lights on or off and program specific timed events all from our smart device app.  Our software relies on geofencing and is therefore, aware as soon as your smart device comes within a network range, allowing you to trigger automatic events whenever you need.

Open Ecosystem

Intelligent lighting control that allows system integration

The integrated programming software makes our intelligent lighting control system easy to use and provides the opportunity to make modifications to all parameters as you require.  With no main processor or power supply, our lighting control systems are completely modular, meaning they can be easily extended by adding additional units.  The open ecosystem enables our lighting control system to be seamlessly integrated with other home automation systems.  

Our light control app enables you to control your lights from your phone

Touchscreen Control

Our lighting control app is designed for smart devices and enables you to control the lights with your phone and from the palm of your hand.

Simply Smart

Our lighting control system can be controlled by any rocker, toggle switch or bell push as well as dimmers.  The designer lighting control plates combine beauty with intelligence.

6 collections to suit your design vision

The Lighting Control Solution 

Where Beauty meets Intelligence. Ideal for Residential, Hotel and Commercial settings. Download our Lighting Control Brochure for detailed information