Satin Desert Brass

Satin Desert Brass


Experience the entrancing beauty of our Satin Desert Brass finish. This luxurious style projects an elegant, bold aesthetic in a unique finish that makes an impact in both contemporary and heritage homes. This finish marries the vivid brass colour with delicate satin brush strokes to create a look that blends the classic and contemporary for a stunning effect.

Pair our remarkable Satin Desert Brass finish light switches and sockets with dark, cool-toned walls for a powerful contrast. Add printed accents including bold orange cushions and blankets to achieve a look that speaks of elegance and combines heritage and modern furnishings effortlessly.

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This smooth, Satin Desert Brass finish creates a versatile, timeless look that will beautifully enhance a variety of interior styles. Hand crafted with a lightly brushed finish, this style offers a long-wearing smudge resistant facade that’s built to last. The subtle grained effect of our Satin Desert Brass switches and sockets adds a sense of luxury that won’t go unnoticed in your home.

How to order

This finish is made to order to your specific requirements, so call us on 01483 713400 or email to discuss your Satin Desert Brass order. Our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Email us today and discover how our Satin Desert Brass finish can transform the look of your home

For a lustrous finish that creates a stunning rich patina over time, take a look at our Polished Brass Finish, masterfully designed to elevate the look of period style homes.

How it's created

Wandsworth Electrical believe in thoughtful designs that stand the test of time. Our team of incredible designers and artists are dedicated to creating styles that excel in both beauty and quality.  Employing over 100 years of expertise, we curate our design visions down to every last detail, using the finest quality brass to ensure our finishes bring matchless beauty.

Our Desert Satin Brass switches and sockets are brought to life here in the UK and hand-finished with a light brushing technique to achieve a distinctly elegant look. The products then undergo a strict process of refinement and quality testing to ensure that design excellence is delivered each and every time. This finish offers longevity with a smudge and scratch resistant surface that offers lifelong beauty.


The Desert Satin Brass finish effortlessly combines sentiments of old and new. The stunning appearance of brass encapsulates a rich history of Roman and Greek design that we enhanced with modern electrical innovation and design techniques to create a versatile and unique finish. This style compliments contemporary and heritage style homes perfectly, offering a timeless and sophisticated edge.

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