Pearl Rose Gold

Pearl Rose Gold


Our Pearl Rose Gold finish transforms modern interior styles with unsurpassed beauty, warmth and shine. These Pearl Rose Gold plug sockets and switches catch the eye with an ethereal hue of dusty pink that elevates a variety of contemporary interior styles. This alluring finish embodies a sense of luxury with an undeniable glow that illuminates the room.

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This stunning, pearlescent texture creates a look of opulence in contemporary properties. Our Pearl Rose Gold finish sockets and light switches are masterfully crafted with the highest level of design expertise to offer unrivaled aesthetics and outstanding functionality to uplift your home. Pearl Rose Gold offers the distinct beauty of a shimmering, lustrous surface with guaranteed durability, for a lighting solution that’s lastingly beautiful.

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Call us over the phone or email to discuss your Pearl Rose Gold finish light switches or sockets; our dedicated team of experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Email us today and discover how our Pearl Rose Gold finish can transform the look of your home

For an elegant look that offers a bolder warm hue, take a look at our Pearl Copper finish, expertly designed to accentuate contemporary homes with a stunning delicate shimmer.

Wandsworth Electrical designers and artists conceptualise matchless modern designs to bring undeniable luxury to any interior scheme. We believe in selecting the highest quality materials to deliver outstanding products that stand the test of time. With over 100 years of experience in creating stunning light sockets and switches, we selected our quality rose gold and polished the material by hand to create the most coveted, pearlescent finish. Our finishes finalised right here in the UK and are crafted with impeccable attention to detail to ensure each piece is as extraordinary as the last.

Our trademark quality goes into each and every product, guaranteed through our stringent testing methods during the manufacturing process. Our Pearl Rose Gold sockets and switches are built for lasting durability and offer unique beauty that has transformative power over modern homes.


Rose Gold accessories remain a staple in modern interior trends, creating a warm and elegant aesthetic. The iridescent pink hue of our Pearl Rose Gold electrical sockets and light switches beautifully accentuates contemporary interior styles bringing a touch of luxury. Our Pearl Rose Gold accents look stunning against soft colours of duck egg blue, white and grey for an opulent, ultra-modern look.

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