Lacquered Polished Brass

Lacquered Polished Brass


Our Lacquered Polished Brass finish is exceptional in every sense of the word, combining sentiments of the old and new harmoniously. These Lacquered Polished Brass electrical sockets and switches offer the alluring beauty of heritage style with the power of modern innovation and functionality. This mesmeric finish is expertly designed to enhance heritage interior schemes, bringing a premium feel and head turning shine that endures.

Our Lacuqered POLISHED texture

This high-luster finish offers a prestigious, polished look perfect for elevating heritage homes to excellence. Our Lacquered Polished Brass light switches and sockets embody the beauty of our Polished Brass Finish with the added luxury of a lacquered surface that withstands the test of time. Wandsworth Electrical accessories are crafted to deliver outstanding longevity so that your beautiful styles never faulter.

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This finish is made to order to your specific requirements so call us on 01483 713400 or email to discuss your interest in Lacquered Polished Brass. We have a wide range of products and can help you select the finish and specification which best suits your needs and your project scenario, also taking into account your interior design style. Contact us today on and discover how our Lacquered Polished Brass finish can transform the look of your home.

For an understated look that holds the same beauty and distinction of our Lacquered Polished Brass accessories, take a look at our Burnished Brass Finish, a bold, opulent finish that tells a story of Roman art and design, perfect for uplifting heritage style homes.


Our team of designers and artists work tirelessly to create considered, matchless designs that elevate the home. We believe in selecting the highest quality materials to bring undisputed luxury to any interior scheme. Aligned with their vision of recapturing the beauty of era’s passed, our team selected the finest quality brass for its rich history rooted Roman and Greek design and added the stylish modern twist of lustrous shine.

Utilising over 100 years of experience in crafting stunning light sockets and switches, we took our luxurious brass and refined the material by hand to create the brightest, smoothest finish. Our finishes are brought to life right here in the UK and are expertly designed with impeccable attention to detail to ensure each piece transcends the ordinary.

Our trademark quality goes into each and every product, guaranteed through our stringent testing methods during the manufacturing process. Our Polished Brass designs are then lacquered for lasting endurance. Lacquered Polished Brass electrical sockets and switches are built to withstand whatever comes their way while accentuating heritage homes with their stunning shine.



The unique beauty of heritage brass sockets and light switches is something to behold. Whether on a plug socket, dimmer plate or toggle switch, this finish illuminates a room with desirable golden hues that speak of luxury.  Our Lacquered Polished Brass accessories complement heritage and period homes beautifully. Contrasting rich brass accents with a darker colour palette of deep dark blues and purples is sure to evoke a sense of opulence.

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