Modern & Stylish Electrical sockets

Modern Switches and Electrical Sockets


Our sockets will fit perfectly in any room, ambience and enviroment

The desire to incorporate beautiful accessories into a living or working space is something we constantly  strive to achieve. After all, turning dreams into a reality is the ultimate objective.  What better to way than to include our modern electrical sockets, or switches into your design or lighting vision.  

Wandsworth Electrical offer a diversified range of elegantly designed accessories across 7 collections. Whether you are seeking a modern look and feel,  a more intricate vintage finish or a multi-purpose combination of power and data, we have a solution.  Our Crystal collection brings transparency to modern electrical sockets that allow features to be exposed fully. The Penthouse collection offers a beautiful flush slimline finish with modern screwless fixing plates.

The remaining collections offer complete versatility and a myriad of switching options to suit all environments and operating conditions.Our flexible and versatile collections can be combined to include data or USB ports, power and low amperage lighting points, creating a truly modern approach to electrical accessories.   After over a century of manufacturing premium handmade products, you can rely on our own high quality and standards to compliment your finished vision.

We are also able to extend our creative and technical expertise to your project.  If you have a more complex design or requirement, we are able to offer a bespoke design service, that will truly be unique.  Matching a specific colour or finish is a service we offer to designers who are seeking to add a more personal touch to the end result.  

Each of our products is handmade in Britain, and with that comes a guarantee of the best innovation and design standards on the market today.  We have a passion to exceed every client’s expectations, and this is reflected in all that we do.  Take a look at the exciting collections that include modern electrical sockets or vintage light switches by downloading our latest brochure here.  Should you have a more specific requirement, please give us a call to +44 (0) 1483 713400 or by email to

Using our sockets that blend with the overall look and feel of the living space will help create a unique space

Power points in use at one of our recent installations by Wandsworth Electrical

Each of our modern and stylish electrical sockets is hand crafted and finished to the highest quality standards