Bringing together the period elegance of three unique historical eras, the Heritage Collection presents a line of accessories with Victorian, Adam and Georgian detailing.

Distinctive, flawlessly executed pattern work reflects each period: Victorian plates are characterised by a stepped edge design.

Designs are with solid brass or aluminium for a high-quality, low profile finish that is the hallmark of Wandsworth. Each style is available in a choice of polished brass or antique finishes – bronze, copper, silver and brass – adding matchless grace and character to any interior.


Finish Image

Antique Brass

Finish Image

Antique Bronze

Finish Image

Dark Antique Bronze

Finish Image

Polished Brass

The Benefits of Acrylic Furniture in Interior Design
January 7, 2019

Acrylic furniture is one of the latest trends to hit the interior design circuit. Not only can acrylic have the look of glass, allowing it to perfectly create the illusion of space but is lightweight, can easily be moulded to any desired shape and is an environmentally-conscious alternative to wood.

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Why Should You Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Home?
December 12, 2018

Smart lighting is not only functional and beautiful, but it is highly intuitive and can make your interior design more aesthetically-pleasing and more convenient. The Wandsworth Lighting Control Panel offers beauty and intelligence to create something that is perfect in your premises.

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How to Make a Statement with Your Lighting
December 7, 2018

Some interior design aesthetics just wouldn’t be complete without lighting that makes a statement. Whether you choose a delicate chandelier or an industrial metal fixture, Wandsworth offer a beautiful range of light switches to accompany the lighting of those looking to make lighting choices.

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