Victorian Modern: How To Perfectly Capture This Style

February 13, 2019

It’s likely that the phrase “modern Victorian” has never entered your lexicon, and that’s ok, but it’s one that a home décor blog recently coined to define a trend that encourages us to see Victorian style in a new light.

The reign of Queen Victoria spanned so many years that it is almost impossible for historians to settle on a single period style. At a glance, this was an era that combined many earlier styles with influences from new travels to Japan and India.

Mass production meant that more people had access to affordable products that they could adorn their home with. As well as that, the arts and crafts movement (led by the famous William Morris) encouraged diversity when it came to interiors, and it wasn’t unusual to find homes filled with a mixture of mismatched textiles and furniture.

Recently, we’ve seen a shift away from the minimalist trend to interiors that are more theatrical, with detailed and dramatic elements present in an approachable way.

Don’t shy away from a little texture

Whether it be velvet, tufting or fringe (or all three combined), designers of Victorian furniture and furnishings weren’t afraid to embrace texture. In fact, texture is a key anchor point if you want to make the most of this style. A sofa with fringing or trim along its seams will add a sense of drama into an otherwise simply designed room.

Combine different eras to avoid a design overhaul

No matter how much you might love Victorian design, you don’t want your home to resemble something that could have quite literally stepped out of that era. We’ve found that the best way to avoid this is to combine elements from different eras, such as installing modern lighting in areas with period features. A chic lamp standing alongside an original fireplace can look like something that’s come straight out of an interior design magazine.

Take a step back, and consider the overall space

One of the biggest hiccups made by both interior designers and homeowners alike is failing to consider their space as a whole. Taking a moment to step back to look at what and where you will place in a room can mean the difference between a space that feels crowded and without direction. Echo the Victorian style in smaller, more refined pieces of furniture such as a side table or cabinet.

Two-tone furniture is IN

Modern Victorian is all about the mixing of two contrasting elements and what can illustrate that more than two tone furniture? Whether it’s two colours or two different types of fabric, this can bring a modern feel to a piece of antique furniture. Those who are feeling crafty may even want to attempt to reupholster their own pieces into something that they know will work in their own home.

When it comes to print, go big or go home

Huge florals and bold patterns are a huge trend in 2019, but how do you make this work in your home without it looking chaotic? Try patterns with more neutral colours or keep your design in cooler palettes such as blue or yellow. Alternatively, you may even want to think outside of the box and embrace print in areas such as in frames, on soft furnishings and even on your stair tread.

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