Top Ideas For Small Space Living

May 9, 2019

Top Ideas For Small Space Living

When redecorating, a lot of us have big ideas around what we can do with the space. However, in the modern home we don’t always have the amount of space we want. In the UK, the size of living rooms in new homes has shrunk by 32% when compared to those of houses built in the 1970s, which sized up at 17.09m². Even master bedrooms are getting smaller, now at an average of 13.37m² compared to 14.71m² forty years ago. So, as homes get smaller, what can we do to maintain a chic and on-trend interior design scheme?


Colour Scheme

For small spaces, a light and bright colour scheme is often recommended. However, recently wallpapers and paint colours with loud and busy tones have been used more in small spaces. Designers call it the ‘jewellery box effect’, creating a small, exciting and beautiful space. If this sounds too much for you, try just one accent wall in a bright colour or busy print and leave the rest of your walls simple and bright.

Minimal Accessories

A good way to maximise space is to cut down on clutter. Keep all of your room’s accessories to a minimum and any that you need to have, make sure they have a simple design which doesn’t over bear the room. For example, in a small room a large switch plate may be obtrusive to the design of the room. Wandsworth’s architrave light switches take up much less space on the wall, but can still have up to four gang. They are available in Classic and Classic Square Edge designs with rocker, bell push or toggle switches. The subtle style of an architrave switch is perfect for small rooms with simple designs.



Mirrors are always a good way of making a space look larger. Wherever they are placed, they can reflect more light into the room. The best placement for mirrors in a small room is to be wall hung. Floorstanding mirrors take up floor space where you could have another piece of furniture standing. Wall hung mirrors can be improved aesthetically with attractive frames – pick a style which best suits your home, whether that’s traditional and embellished or modern and minimal.


Furniture Placement

When it comes to small rooms, the main issue is furniture placement. The way you arrange your furniture in the floor space can make a huge difference to how the room looks. Large pieces of furniture are best placed along a wall if possible. For example, beds should be pushed against a wall in a master bedroom, or sofas to the walls of a living room.

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