The Kitchen: Hub of the Home in Summer

May 24, 2019

People in the UK spend an average of six hours per week in the kitchen preparing meals. That’s not to mention any entertaining and socialising. Given the amount of time spent in the kitchen, shouldn’t its design be as luxurious and high end as your living room or bedroom?

In the summer months, the hours spent in the kitchen only rises as you become host to summer parties and gatherings, which require even more cooking, cleaning and dining. So as your kitchen becomes the hub of your home in summer, you’ll no doubt want it looking its best. Spring is a good time to start thinking and redesign and redecoration so it can get done before the busy summer months begin.

Kitchen Colour Schemes

The first thing to think about is the colour scheme you want your kitchen to follow. This sets the tone for the whole room and is the first thing people notice when they enter. The charcoal grey furniture trend is still very much in play in 2019, so why not try some traditional dark grey kitchen cabinets? A framed door will add to the classic look and copper or brass handles will brighten your scheme overall. Another popular colour at the minute is navy, which goes perfectly with bronze handles. You could carry this theme throughout the whole room and choose bronze cooking utensils, a bronze lightshade, or bronze light switches. Tie your lighting accessories into the rest of the room with plates from our Penthouse collection, available in an Antique Bronze finish.

Kitchen Design

As your kitchen becomes the heart of your home for your friends and family, it’s important to make its design personal to you and your needs. If it’s a smaller room and you want lots of space for socialising, reduced depth units are a great way to save floor space. You might want to cut down on the amount of fitted units you use for storage to try and open the space up, so hooks on the walls are great for hanging pots and pans. If you have a large kitchen which leads out into the garden, it’s likely that the kitchen will be your main food preparation area for parties and barbeques. A kitchen island is always a useful unit to have in big kitchens, as they free up space on other surfaces and can act as a great hub for socialising.


In 2019, it’s hard to find a kitchen without some sort of gadget which makes life a little easier. Whether it’s a smart speaker or an electric spiraliser, the kitchen has a lot of uses for technology these days. So why not extend this use of technology to your kitchen lighting? Wandsworth’s Lighting Controls allows you to create up to eight ‘scenes’ or levels of lighting for different uses. For example, you could have a scene for cleaning the kitchen, where you’ll need lots of light. Another scene could be for when late night summer parties have moved indoors and a lower lighting is preferable. Choose from a range of switches and plates to match your kitchen’s new design.

If you want more advice on lighting accessories and controls suitable for use in the kitchen, get in touch with us today on 01483 713400.


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