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June 9, 2016

usb cable charging usb socket

We all know that feeling when our smartphone or device battery is running low and we need to charge it!

Smartphones have become a core essential in our day to day lives. We use them to connect to our friends and family, organise our social and work schedules, surf the web, and even for tasks usually reserved for the high street such as day to day banking.  With UK households connecting/engaging with, on average, 8.3 devices a day, these are devices that many can’t, and won’t be without.

The importance of smartphones has never been greater, recently one study concluded that smartphones are now used more than laptops to navigate the internet.  The average person now spends in excess of 2 hours per day browsing the net with their smartphone, which is double the time spent surfing with a laptop or PC.

As each generation evolves, they become more comfortable with new technology, in fact, it has become nearly a standard item in every teenager’s school bag.  The use of technology is now at unprecedented levels, and it is important to keep them charged and functioning.

The need for extended battery life is an ongoing issue for the makers of smartphones, with a lot of research and development being invested in an ideal solution.  Some studies have discovered the best smartphone battery can give up to 17 hours of power, with the worst being able to provide as little as 6 hours of life.

Battery Life Linked to Stress

usb cable connected to one of our integarted socketA recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 Britons felt stressed when their smartphone battery ‘dies’, and a quarter of them felt panicked.   Of those surveyed, 81 percent said their smartphone “dying” had affected their mood and even led to arguments with friends and family.

Mobile phone makers find themselves in a dilemma and struggle to find suitable solutions for extending battery life.  With the continual expansion of apps and uses for the smartphone, combined with a lack of advancement in battery technology, most batteries are being pushed beyond their limits.  If we take a look at the trends of businesses to keep their customers happy, we see an increasing roll out of charging points in shopping centres and public places, as well as handset manufacturers including ‘quick-charge’ functionality with their latest devices.

We always seem to be looking for somewhere to keep our smartphone charged, even when we go for a coffee with friends!  This has led to leading architects and designers to specifying USB charger sockets as a design norm.  Electrical sockets which include an integrated USB port allow users to quickly and simply connect their device for charging, whilst allowing any other appliances or devices to connect to the traditional plug socket.

Manufacturers of electrical power points have future proofed their ranges, to include integrated USB ports, where users can simply connect their USB cable instead of the more traditional charger.  This frees up the electrical socket to be used for other requirements, meaning there is no longer the power struggle.  Installing USB charger sockets  provides an array of options and solutions for home, hotel or office space.

Charge in style

stylish white usb integrated socketWandsworth Electrical’s collection of USB Integrated Socket is available in 5 of our premium collections,  providing two convenient USB charging points as well as two 13 amp sockets on one plate.  With a charging light that is illuminated when your phone is charging and turns off when the job is complete, saving the effort of checking your phone’s battery status.

The USB Integrated Socket solution is perfect for any installation, and will certainly add the wow factor to your overall design. With the increased use of technology and smartphones, clients and visitors have a need to keep their gadgets charged – A  twin socket with integrated USB  is an essential part of your electrical plan.

The integrated USB solution has been rigorously tried and tested to ensure it meets the exacting standards of Wandsworth Electrical and is now available as a standard option across 5 collections.

With continual investment in the latest innovative technology, coupled with longstanding manufacturing excellence and heritage, Wandsworth has yet again set the benchmark for premium quality electrical accessories with the inclusion of the USB Integrated Socket to its range of solutions.

brushed silver usb socketThe twin sockets with USB ports is able to charge smartphones, tablets cameras and other gadgets that use a standard USB cable for power.  The inclusion of a charging light in the design, which indicates when the charging cycle is complete, is a novel touch and is the perfect inclusion for any interior refurbishment or development plan.

With over a century of design and technical expertise, as well as each product being handcrafted and finished to the highest standards and specifications, Wandsworth lead the way with their collection of premium electrical accessories.  Have you considered how your clients can benefit from the latest Integrated USB Socket ? or how they can be incorporated into your current or future projects?  To see how we have included the USB Integrated Socket across all of our collections




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