Summer Interior Design Tips

July 12, 2019

Summer is a beautiful time of year, and for good reason – warmer weather, longer hours of daylight and of course, garden parties. To capture the spirit of summer, there are a number of interior design tips that can transform your home with summer-ready style that keeps things breezy and bright through every season.

Make it minimal

The best way to understand interior design for summer is to consider warmer climates. Modern Mediterranean and Australasian homes tend to focus on minimalism and smooth, sleek style. Adopt a modern approach and replace flooring with tiles or wood. Keep walls basic, generally with a coat of light and bright paint such as neutral tones or pastel shades.

For furnishings and accessories, use sleek modern metallics such as aluminium, nickel and stainless steel. Our Penthouse and Infinity collections are the perfect lighting accessories to complement this. Using modern, minimal furnishings helps ensure your space does not look cluttered and instead retains a sense of pared-back style.

Nurture the natural

To complement these barer floors and walls and modern furnishings, bring in more natural materials such as hanging potted plants, organic cotton textiles and houseplants of all shapes and sizes. The key here is to accent rather than clutter.

To add a sense of ‘breezy’ style to a home, use light throws over sofas and tables rather than thick more winter-styled fabrics.

Let in the light

Summer presents an opportunity to let lots of daylight into your home, so seize the opportunity by removing heavy curtains and maximising the light through your windows. Add mirrored surfaces into your home to help reflect light and bounce it around spaces. From adding freestanding mirrors to reflective highlights such as light switches with our Super Mirror Stainless finish, accessorising around natural light boosts the available daylight in your home and creates a lasting summer feel, even as winter draws in.

If you would like to incorporate lighting control in your design, our daylight harvesting feature is great for summer – as it optimises lighting around hours or natural light, saving energy during summer and keeping spaces optimally illuminated in the winter.

If you would like to transform your home for summer, focus on light and minimalism and you will immediately begin to craft a brighter, more ‘open’ space for the warmer weather. Don’t forget about your lighting accessories – as they are something you will interact with every day. Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more.


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