The Return of Floral Wallpaper? The Top 2019 Interior Design Trends

January 21, 2019

Trends come and go, and when it comes to interior design that’s no different. From colours and lighting to materials and finishes, here is a round up of 2019’s top trends to help you inject some up to date style into your home this year.

Artisanal Furnishings and Vintage Lighting

This is certainly the year for smaller, more independent home designers to shine, particularly when it comes to lighting. Items made from sustainable materials are in as people want to use elements of their home to feel more connected to the earth. Look out for materials like rice paper, clay and jute.

Similarly, many interior designers are looking back at vintage pieces that take the form of pendants and sconces, simplifying lighting in the most effective (and efficient) way.

A Touch of Velvet

Velvet is a material that’s come back as chic as ever. Many leading designers have already given it the attention it deserves, particularly when it comes to curvaceous sofas. While colours like millennial pink and mustard may be seen as the trendiest, shades like emerald green and navy can help you embrace the trend while being a little more practical.

A Big Year for Brass

Stainless steel and polished nickel will always be welcome in any interior design, but this year we welcome the warm and subtle tones of brass back into the home. Brass taps in a bathroom or kitchen are the perfect companion to modern concrete worktops or marbled tiles.

If you’re not quite ready to give up your current fixtures and fittings, the mixed metal accent trend is one for you. Rather than risk design overkill with one, mix two or three to create balance and definition.

Geometric and Floral Patterns

Geometric and floral aren’t exactly new trends but they’re two that are expected to become an even more dramatic presence as the year goes on. To achieve this, colours are becoming bolder, patterns more unexpected and proportions will be exaggerated.

Agate Murals

Over the past few years, wallpaper was something that was becoming less and less popular. However, in 2018 we saw a huge resurgence. This year follows the same pattern with agate wall murals making a huge splash. Its naturally ununiformed lines bring an element of enchantment into the home and look great when paired with geometric prints or minimalist furniture.

Rich Colour Palettes

It’s an age-old rule that neutral colour palettes can help create an open space, but this year designers are starting to embrace bolder tones. Adding richer hues throughout a home can make muted furnishings stand out, particularly if those hues are bold reds, statement pinks, dramatic yellows and natural greens.

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