The Principles of Using Lighting to Create Style

September 12, 2018

The Principles of Using Lighting to Create Style

While there are many facets to interior design, one area that is often glanced over is lighting. Nevertheless, this aspect of interior design is viewed by many to be the most important. This is the place where style meets functionality.

As any interior designer will tell you – lighting is central to the way that a room looks and feels. Lighting can influence the style of a room, particularly when it is perfectly planned to create a performance between shadow and light. With a simple switch you can change the way that a room looks in an instant.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the most important elements to consider when using lighting to create a unique style in your home.

Natural Light

Different rooms and buildings have different levels of access to natural light. In instances where natural light is lacking, the type of lighting you select must compensate for this. To provide the correct level of illumination it is often necessary to place multiple light fittings around the room. Statement lighting can be the perfect way to add light and interest to the dark rooms of basement conversions and apartments.

Solving the problem of a lack of natural light in a room can be easily resolved with the addition of table lamps, wall lights, and light fittings above picture hangings. Accent lighting can also make a huge impact on a room’s look and feel, whether its soft lighting to create a warm atmosphere, or something that will stand as a talking point for anyone who enters – different emotions can be instilled.

Colour Scheme

Unlike dark and dingy rooms, walking into an interior that is bright can create a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Think of it that way, and it’s imperative to get the colour scheme and the complementary lighting just right.

Statement lighting can help you to add the finishing touches to any colour scheme. Tailor the type of lighting you’re using to the type of room that you’re decorating, as well as its purpose. Opting for bulbs with a yellow hue can create softer lighting and a calmer atmosphere in your home. If your bedroom or living area is styled in line with trends such as rustic or industrial chic, this type of lighting will do wonders to the overall aesthetic.

Furniture Style

Furniture plays an important role in your choice of light fittings and lighting accessories. Antique furniture that’s crafted from rich, dark woods does not always pair well with a futuristic light fitting or accessories that have a modern edge. In such instances, the traditional, understated beauty of Wandsworth’s Classic light switches and accessories will look truly delightful in a luxury, warm, metallic finish.

In contrast, those who choose more modern, eclectic furniture can benefit from the use of lighting accessories in our Infinity Collection. These sleek, sophisticated and screwless panels and sockets make for a contemporary aesthetic that’s perfect for modern interior design.

At Wandsworth, our Home Selection has been designed with you, the homeowner, and your design vision in mind. The opportunities truly are endless when you decide to work with us on the ideal electrical and lighting solutions to add the finishing touches to your beautiful home.

If you’d like to speak to our team of experts about your design vision, or our beautifully handcrafted sockets and switches and how they could help you create the style for your home you’ve always dreamed of, contact us today on +44 (0) 1483 713400 or at


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