Why Should You Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Home?
December 12, 2018

Smart lighting is not only functional and beautiful, but it is highly intuitive and can make your interior design more aesthetically-pleasing and more convenient. The Wandsworth Lighting Control Panel offers beauty and intelligence to create something that is perfect in your premises.

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How to Make a Statement with Your Lighting
December 7, 2018

Some interior design aesthetics just wouldn’t be complete without lighting that makes a statement. Whether you choose a delicate chandelier or an industrial metal fixture, Wandsworth offer a beautiful range of light switches to accompany the lighting of those looking to make lighting choices.

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Lighting Solutions for Period Properties
November 14, 2018

With their particular style, the lighting that you use in period properties can often be tricky to get right. With the help of Wandsworth Electrical, you can find the perfect solution.

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The Importance of Finishing Touches in Interior Design
November 7, 2018

A room’s interior design is never complete without the addition of a few finishing touches that add the pièce de résistance to a room’s aesthetic.

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Victorian Design in Detail
November 2, 2018

Creating a modern Victorian interior is no longer a challenge when you have the right finishing touches.

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Understanding Georgian Design
October 26, 2018

We believe in the beauty of Georgian interior design. Let us tell you a little bit about the history of the style and give you some tips on how to incorporate this into your home.

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The Principles of Using Lighting to Create Style
September 12, 2018

While there are many facets to interior design, one area that is often glanced over is lighting. Nevertheless, this aspect of interior design is viewed by many to be the most important. This is the place where style meets functionality.

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Beautiful Switches in Smaller Spaces
July 26, 2017

Sometimes a normal light switch is too big for the space, that's when architrave switches are the perfect solution.

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100 Years Experience in 60 Seconds
July 19, 2017

Switches and Sockets in a variety of Finishes, Bespoke Design and Lighting Control, all handcrafted in Great Britain and summarised in a 60 second video.

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