Intelligent Lighting needs Beautiful Controls
June 29, 2014

For designers and architects commissioning a lighting control system, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics can be complicated. For example, one system may have sophisticated technology but the accompanying panels are rudimental

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Behind the scenes at the May Design Series 2014
June 18, 2014

We were delighted to showcase our Wandsworth Controls lighting control system at the May Design Series last month.
It was a great opportunity for our senior team to meet leading architects, designers and engineers face to face – and to demonstrate how British engineering still lies at the heart of the lighting control systems industry.

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Wandsworth Adds 15 Data & Media Outlets to its portfolio
September 19, 2013

Wiring accessories specialist, The Wandsworth Group, has launched an innovative collection of data and media outlets that can be matched to any of the wall plates in its Classic, Infinity, Heritage and Penthouse collections, enabling custom specification of almost any data, media and small power combination...

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Wandsworth Switches On to Wireless Accessories

The Wandsworth Group has added a wireless and battery-free rocker switch to its Classic collection of wiring accessories, providing an innovative modular approach for both new installations and retro-fits...

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Wandsworth Launches Sleek Penthouse Collection
September 10, 2013

Pioneer of the flat plate wiring accessory, The Wandsworth Group, has made sockets and switches sleeker than ever with the launch of its Penthouse collection of screw-less, flush-fitting plates...

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The benefits of lighting control systems
March 23, 2013

Lighting control systems do more than illuminate homes, hotels and offices. They can boost productivity, save money, lower carbon emissions, respond to occupants, complement design and enhance the usability of a building.

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